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Rye Park, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Begg, Ernest Ewington  16 Dec 1870Rye Park, NSW, Australia I785
2 Cooke, Hannah  02 Jan 1867Rye Park, NSW, Australia I40901
3 Cooke, Harriet  02 Jan 1867Rye Park, NSW, Australia I40902
4 Cooke, Jane  18 Mar 1884Rye Park, NSW, Australia I43222
5 Cooke, William  15 Jun 1868Rye Park, NSW, Australia I40903
6 Edgerton, Colville  13 Jun 1918Rye Park, NSW, Australia I40959
7 Edgerton, Elaine  30 Aug 1920Rye Park, NSW, Australia I40960
8 Edgerton, Frederick Isaac  Rye Park, NSW, Australia I40957
9 Edgerton, John Owen  26 Nov 1915Rye Park, NSW, Australia I31035
10 Edgerton, Lester  03 Aug 1922Rye Park, NSW, Australia I40961
11 Edgerton, Robert A  Rye Park, NSW, Australia I40966
12 Mills, Jeremiah Crossley  22 Sep 1881Rye Park, NSW, Australia I1792
13 Perceval, Maxwell Douglas  23 Nov 1910Rye Park, NSW, Australia I41119
14 Perks, Annie Maude  09 Dec 1879Rye Park, NSW, Australia I741
15 Perks, David William  23 Feb 1895Rye Park, NSW, Australia I1293
16 Perks, Josiah William  03 Jul 1899Rye Park, NSW, Australia I1137
17 Perks, William Wainwright  21 Oct 1870Rye Park, NSW, Australia I738
18 Wales, Lavinia Muriel  08 Apr 1885Rye Park, NSW, Australia I1443
19 Wales, Leonard George  18 Aug 1917Rye Park, NSW, Australia I8421
20 Wales, Mary  19 Dec 1846Rye Park, NSW, Australia I1419
21 Wales, Michael  09 Jul 1881Rye Park, NSW, Australia I11490
22 Wales, Oliver Ambrose  1860Rye Park, NSW, Australia I789
23 Wales, William John  20 Dec 1919Rye Park, NSW, Australia I8422


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bachelor, Mary Ann  28 Sep 1910Rye Park, NSW, Australia I14339
2 Cooke, Ann  07 May 1886Rye Park, NSW, Australia I40896
3 Cooke, Hannah  22 Feb 1867Rye Park, NSW, Australia I40901
4 Cooke, Harriet  11 Jan 1867Rye Park, NSW, Australia I40902
5 Cooke, John  17 Dec 1911Rye Park, NSW, Australia I40892
6 Dixon, Ellen  04 May 1940Rye Park, NSW, Australia I463
7 Edgerton, Lydia Priscilla A  19 Jul 1952Rye Park, NSW, Australia I15487
8 Gillespie, Ethel Maude Mary  28 May 1988Rye Park, NSW, Australia I12391
9 Gorham, Oliver  17 Oct 1941Rye Park, NSW, Australia I1444
10 Mason, Elizabeth  05 Jun 1937Rye Park, NSW, Australia I12596
11 Mewburn, John  14 May 1919Rye Park, NSW, Australia I15376
12 Mills, Sarah Emily  27 Jun 1936Rye Park, NSW, Australia I1427
13 Morgan, Clarice Evelyn  10 Jun 1972Rye Park, NSW, Australia I1294
14 Parks, Charlotte  06 Jun 1915Rye Park, NSW, Australia I40893
15 Pearsall, James William  1916Rye Park, NSW, Australia I1303
16 Perceval, John  31 Jan 1927Rye Park, NSW, Australia I9846
17 Percival, Thomas  05 Nov 1959Rye Park, NSW, Australia I12565
18 Percival, Thomas David  24 Dec 1933Rye Park, NSW, Australia I9107
19 Perks, David William  29 Apr 1952Rye Park, NSW, Australia I1293
20 Perks, Josiah William  26 Sep 1885Rye Park, NSW, Australia I198
21 Randell, Percy Desmond  21 Jan 1898Rye Park, NSW, Australia I36684
22 Southwell, William  25 Jun 1878Rye Park, NSW, Australia I41018
23 Wales, Florence May  21 Oct 1984Rye Park, NSW, Australia I8512
24 Wales, Mary Jane  14 Aug 1974Rye Park, NSW, Australia I8514
25 Wales, Norman Francis  26 Dec 1965Rye Park, NSW, Australia I8515
26 Wales, William  23 Jun 1884Rye Park, NSW, Australia I682


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Banks, Hilton Arnold  Apr 1988Rye Park, NSW, Australia I15870
2 Gorham, Jane  Rye Park, NSW, Australia I12590
3 Holgate, Eastlyn May  24 Apr 1992Rye Park, NSW, Australia I14207
4 Keating, Kathleen  Rye Park, NSW, Australia I12581
5 Perceval, Wesley Thomas  Rye Park, NSW, Australia I12575
6 Perks, Josiah William  27 Sep 1885Rye Park, NSW, Australia I198
7 Wales, Robert Steven  Jun 1925Rye Park, NSW, Australia I1422
8 Wesley, Selina Nora  Rye Park, NSW, Australia I1433


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Randell, Esric Leo James  03 Feb 1895Rye Park, NSW, Australia I36679


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Wales, James  13 Nov 1858Rye Park, NSW, Australia I1438


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Edgerton / Gorham  06 Aug 1913Rye Park, NSW, Australia F9227
2 Southwell / Wilson  1893Rye Park, NSW, Australia F1328