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Ryde, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Black, John  1902Ryde, NSW, Australia I44756
2 Black, Marshall E  1900Ryde, NSW, Australia I6493
3 Cameron, Vera S  1914Ryde, NSW, Australia I28380
4 Dakin, Herbert Ernest  1882Ryde, NSW, Australia I27268
5 Dunn, Albert G  1883Ryde, NSW, Australia I7766
6 Dunn, Alice Mary  1875Ryde, NSW, Australia I7762
7 Dunn, Charles Richard  1873Ryde, NSW, Australia I7761
8 Dunn, Frederick Thomas  1879Ryde, NSW, Australia I7765
9 Dunn, Henry James  1881Ryde, NSW, Australia I7764
10 Dunn, Leslie W  1886Ryde, NSW, Australia I7767
11 Dunn, Sidney R  1915Ryde, NSW, Australia I28478
12 Fairhall, Ronald Charles  20 Feb 1948Ryde, NSW, Australia I17833
13 Franks, John Thomas  1875Ryde, NSW, Australia I23068
14 Harrison, Edgar George  22 Jan 1916Ryde, NSW, Australia I25763
15 Harrison, Esma Maisie  21 Aug 1914Ryde, NSW, Australia I25762
16 McMonigal, Hilda May  06 Oct 1882Ryde, NSW, Australia I10197
17 Meillon, John  1895Ryde, NSW, Australia I22179
18 Meillon, Theodor B  1895Ryde, NSW, Australia I22180
19 Moore, Edith E  1883Ryde, NSW, Australia I19325
20 Moulds, Edward G  1915Ryde, NSW, Australia I25610
21 Moulds, Enid E  1913Ryde, NSW, Australia I25609
22 New, David S  1914Ryde, NSW, Australia I20447
23 Oakes, Allan Hassall  22 Sep 1909Ryde, NSW, Australia I22112
24 Pawley, Mary A  1889Ryde, NSW, Australia I23640
25 Peck, Hannah Frances  20 Feb 1862Ryde, NSW, Australia I39323
26 Pettet, Alice May  1892Ryde, NSW, Australia I43808
27 Pettet, Ernest George  1887Ryde, NSW, Australia I43805
28 Purnell, Gladys I  1899Ryde, NSW, Australia I5794
29 Sheather, Gladys May  30 Aug 1907Ryde, NSW, Australia I30118
30 Shelley, Eric Ralph  01 Jul 1892Ryde, NSW, Australia I22168
31 Shelley, Max Robert  1895Ryde, NSW, Australia I22167
32 Small, Charlotte  30 Sep 1855Ryde, NSW, Australia I12711
33 Small, Priscilla  06 May 1838Ryde, NSW, Australia I12702
34 Small, Rebecca  29 Aug 1832Ryde, NSW, Australia I12700
35 Small, Robert  08 Nov 1853Ryde, NSW, Australia I12710
36 Small, Timothy  13 Jan 1835Ryde, NSW, Australia I12701
37 Souter, Mervyn  1910Ryde, NSW, Australia I25778
38 Spurway, Ethel M  1886Ryde, NSW, Australia I35567
39 Taylor, Eva Rose  1891Ryde, NSW, Australia I6522
40 Worthing, Rosina  1847Ryde, NSW, Australia I41846


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barker, Amelia McClelland  1953Ryde, NSW, Australia I27063
2 Bates, Edward F  1934Ryde, NSW, Australia I15290
3 Brien, Mary  28 Apr 1853Ryde, NSW, Australia I12722
4 Diggins, Ernest  30 Oct 1940Ryde, NSW, Australia I44088
5 Fairhall, Frederick William  04 Apr 1934Ryde, NSW, Australia I14857
6 Gilmour, Thelma May  05 Apr 1974Ryde, NSW, Australia I22557
7 Imber, Doreen Elaine  14 Apr 1997Ryde, NSW, Australia I45049
8 Jobbins, John James  17 Nov 1945Ryde, NSW, Australia I15691
9 Lawry, Elizabeth Anna  26 Apr 1857Ryde, NSW, Australia I10439
10 Maling, Alfred Edward  05 May 1942Ryde, NSW, Australia I27093
11 McNeall, Richard Percival  1908Ryde, NSW, Australia I17662
12 Meillon, John  1895Ryde, NSW, Australia I22179
13 Oakes, Marian  21 Aug 1873Ryde, NSW, Australia I2425
14 Parker, Mary  04 Apr 1824Ryde, NSW, Australia I12382
15 Passmore, Arthur Augustin  1935Ryde, NSW, Australia I31141
16 Sheather, Bertie Reginald  17 Jun 1971Ryde, NSW, Australia I20204
17 Sheather, Elizabeth Mary  1925Ryde, NSW, Australia I21479
18 Sheather, Stanley Herbert  11 Mar 1982Ryde, NSW, Australia I30152
19 Shelley, Amy Grace  1932Ryde, NSW, Australia I20997
20 Small, Samuel  18 Apr 1889Ryde, NSW, Australia I12668
21 Small, Thomas  12 Nov 1863Ryde, NSW, Australia I12667
22 Small, William  09 Nov 1891Ryde, NSW, Australia I12666
23 Smith, Cyrus Norman  20 Dec 1960Ryde, NSW, Australia I6983
24 Southwell, John  1941Ryde, NSW, Australia I32684
25 Spurway, George  1885Ryde, NSW, Australia I12773
26 Staff, Ruby Sarah  1925Ryde, NSW, Australia I26358
27 Trowbridge, Nellie Alice  Abt 1977Ryde, NSW, Australia I26121
28 Wharfe, Sarah  1928Ryde, NSW, Australia I2146
29 Williamson, John  07 Sep 1940Ryde, NSW, Australia I35591


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cremation    Person ID 
1 Watson, Lynette Patricia  Aft 28 Mar 1983Ryde, NSW, Australia I37546


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Black / Harrison  1899Ryde, NSW, Australia F2119
2 Box / Harrison  1933Ryde, NSW, Australia F6937
3 Corby / Harper  1938Ryde, NSW, Australia F9393
4 Fairhall / Barr  11 Feb 1929Ryde, NSW, Australia F4881
5 Franks / Radley  1875Ryde, NSW, Australia F3643
6 Grace / Beer  1883Ryde, NSW, Australia F5901
7 Hextall / Barnett  1929Ryde, NSW, Australia F9875
8 Hodgson / Stennett  19 Jun 1920Ryde, NSW, Australia F5773
9 Hughes / Spurway  18 Oct 1859Ryde, NSW, Australia F3708
10 Hunt / Beecroft  1942Ryde, NSW, Australia F805
11 Kentwell / Taylor  1909Ryde, NSW, Australia F2145
12 Kenyon / Corby  04 Aug 1933Ryde, NSW, Australia F6368
13 Kinney / Williamson  1916Ryde, NSW, Australia F8582
14 McMahon / Gurney  1924Ryde, NSW, Australia F7261
15 Mutch / White  1938Ryde, NSW, Australia F176
16 Pulsford / Gurney  1927Ryde, NSW, Australia F7263
17 Purnell / Salmon  1930Ryde, NSW, Australia F1920
18 Sheather / Earl  24 Jun 1942Ryde, NSW, Australia F4215
19 Shelley / Pearson  1889Ryde, NSW, Australia F5941
20 Souter / Harrison  1932Ryde, NSW, Australia F6936
21 Spurway / Smith  1858Ryde, NSW, Australia F5186
22 Steele / Withers  1939Ryde, NSW, Australia F2038
23 Stephenson / Melvell  1858Ryde, NSW, Australia F6581
24 Wilson / Shelley  Oct 1919Ryde, NSW, Australia F6004