AUSIGEN - Family History

Richmond, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Bessie E  1884Richmond, NSW, Australia I45387
2 Armstrong, Cecilia A  1872Richmond, NSW, Australia I45385
3 Armstrong, Mary A E  1869Richmond, NSW, Australia I45384
4 Armstrong, Robert F  1888Richmond, NSW, Australia I45388
5 Bowman, Alexander  11 Jul 1838Richmond, NSW, Australia I12866
6 Bowman, Andrew  16 Oct 1840Richmond, NSW, Australia I12867
7 Bowman, Edward  16 Oct 1840Richmond, NSW, Australia I12868
8 Bowman, Eliza Sophia  26 Feb 1832Richmond, NSW, Australia I12863
9 Bowman, George Pearce  18 Nov 1821Richmond, NSW, Australia I12858
10 Bowman, James  13 May 1835Richmond, NSW, Australia I12865
11 Bowman, John Woodwood  01 Jun 1822Richmond, NSW, Australia I12859
12 Bowman, Mary Ann  01 Nov 1833Richmond, NSW, Australia I12864
13 Bowman, Matthew  15 Apr 1827Richmond, NSW, Australia I12861
14 Bowman, Robert  02 Feb 1830Richmond, NSW, Australia I12862
15 Bowman, William  20 Oct 1823Richmond, NSW, Australia I12860
16 Casimir, William  12 Aug 1865Richmond, NSW, Australia I35953
17 Cobcroft, Clarence  1862Richmond, NSW, Australia I23037
18 Cobcroft, Edward B  1865Richmond, NSW, Australia I23034
19 Cobcroft, Jeannie Elizabeth Kay  1873Richmond, NSW, Australia I23035
20 Cobcroft, Mary A  1869Richmond, NSW, Australia I23040
21 Cobcroft, Mary M  1878Richmond, NSW, Australia I31761
22 Cobcroft, William R  1861Richmond, NSW, Australia I23036
23 Cobcroft, William Robert  1880Richmond, NSW, Australia I31762
24 Elly, Charlotte Beatrice  1868Richmond, NSW, Australia I26564
25 Fuller, Ann  Abt 1828Richmond, NSW, Australia I38188
26 Gosper, Edith A  1869Richmond, NSW, Australia I18581
27 Howard, Ann  27 Jul 1831Richmond, NSW, Australia I11271
28 Hughes, Ann  27 May 1814Richmond, NSW, Australia I12751
29 Hughes, Charlotte  24 Oct 1832Richmond, NSW, Australia I12760
30 Hughes, Eliza Rebecca  16 Dec 1826Richmond, NSW, Australia I12758
31 Hughes, Henry Francis  10 Jul 1839Richmond, NSW, Australia I12762
32 Hughes, James  13 Jun 1820Richmond, NSW, Australia I12754
33 Hughes, Margaret  27 Mar 1812Richmond, NSW, Australia I12750
34 Hughes, Martha  25 Oct 1830Richmond, NSW, Australia I12759
35 Hughes, Mary  01 Jul 1818Richmond, NSW, Australia I12753
36 Hughes, Matthew Henry  10 Jun 1822Richmond, NSW, Australia I12755
37 Hughes, Robert  06 Jul 1816Richmond, NSW, Australia I12752
38 Hughes, Susannah  18 Apr 1810Richmond, NSW, Australia I12749
39 Hughes, Thomas Hassall  02 Nov 1824Richmond, NSW, Australia I12756
40 Hughes, William Charles  31 Mar 1837Richmond, NSW, Australia I12761
41 Hughs, Elizabeth Hancox  16 Dec 1826Richmond, NSW, Australia I12757
42 McGuire, Elizabeth  15 May 1841Richmond, NSW, Australia I40424
43 Moniz, Maria Marguerite  1849Richmond, NSW, Australia I29413
44 Peasley, John Thomas  1918Richmond, NSW, Australia I34926
45 Pitt, Mary Matcham  1815Richmond, NSW, Australia I29327
46 Tuckwell, Amelia  1836Richmond, NSW, Australia I23403
47 Tuckwell, Jane  1835Richmond, NSW, Australia I23407
48 Turnbull, Harper Augustus  1872Richmond, NSW, Australia I18580


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bowman, George  26 Aug 1878Richmond, NSW, Australia I12853
2 Bowman, John  16 Dec 1823Richmond, NSW, Australia I12694
3 Bowman, William  11 Dec 1874Richmond, NSW, Australia I12855
4 Cobcroft, William R  1861Richmond, NSW, Australia I23036
5 Hughes, Matthew  25 Dec 1845Richmond, NSW, Australia I12748
6 Lawler, Margaret  24 Apr 1927Richmond, NSW, Australia I44685
7 Pearce, Eliza Sophia  17 Apr 1884Richmond, NSW, Australia I11280
8 Small, Mary  27 Nov 1879Richmond, NSW, Australia I12664
9 Tuckwell, Charles Henry Crane  31 Oct 1943Richmond, NSW, Australia I30063
10 Williams, George James  11 Apr 2006Richmond, NSW, Australia I21349


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Bowman, Eliza Sophia  01 Apr 1832Richmond, NSW, Australia I12863
2 Bowman, Mary Ann  05 Nov 1833Richmond, NSW, Australia I12864


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Armstrong / Marlin  05 Nov 1886Richmond, NSW, Australia F8970
2 Cobcroft / Benson  19 Jun 1860Richmond, NSW, Australia F3456
3 Stennett / Vallance  1939Richmond, NSW, Australia F7294
4 Turnbull / Caterson  1871Richmond, NSW, Australia F5274
5 Turnbull / Gosper  1893Richmond, NSW, Australia F5268
6 Wharfe / McGuire  01 Jun 1865Richmond, NSW, Australia F287