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Parkes, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Butler, Linda M  1900Parkes, NSW, Australia I27612
2 Butler, Olive M  1894Parkes, NSW, Australia I27610
3 Butler, William E  1896Parkes, NSW, Australia I27611
4 Calvert, Henry  1889Parkes, NSW, Australia I38990
5 Davies, Edna F  1914Parkes, NSW, Australia I1366
6 Davies, John P  1914Parkes, NSW, Australia I1367
7 Leslie, Marie L  1887Parkes, NSW, Australia I27006
8 Leslie, Robert H  1884Parkes, NSW, Australia I27005
9 McGlynn, Catherine Mary  23 Feb 1884Parkes, NSW, Australia I28446
10 Pearsall, Olive A I  1892Parkes, NSW, Australia I45359
11 Pearsall, Robert E  21 Sep 1914Parkes, NSW, Australia I14296
12 Perks, Alan Gordon Moses  1890Parkes, NSW, Australia I25279
13 Perks, Alice Marie  17 Nov 1923Parkes, NSW, Australia I44484
14 Perks, Allan  1910Parkes, NSW, Australia I14486
15 Perks, Annie Shielburne  1883Parkes, NSW, Australia I1329
16 Perks, Arnold Milton  04 Dec 1917Parkes, NSW, Australia I14488
17 Perks, Charlotte Armstrong  06 Aug 1900Parkes, NSW, Australia I14482
18 Perks, Charlotte Eva  12 Apr 1879Parkes, NSW, Australia I1326
19 Perks, Charlotte M  1897Parkes, NSW, Australia I14473
20 Perks, Edison Garfield  19 Aug 1907Parkes, NSW, Australia I14485
21 Perks, Elizabeth  1901Parkes, NSW, Australia I14483
22 Perks, Eva Bernice Thomasine  1900Parkes, NSW, Australia I14474
23 Perks, Florence Jane  1881Parkes, NSW, Australia I1328
24 Perks, Gertrude May  1886Parkes, NSW, Australia I1331
25 Perks, Hermione M N  1907Parkes, NSW, Australia I14475
26 Perks, Imogene E  1910Parkes, NSW, Australia I14476
27 Perks, Isabella F M  1902Parkes, NSW, Australia I1356
28 Perks, John George  1904Parkes, NSW, Australia I1346
29 Perks, Kitchener  1915Parkes, NSW, Australia I1349
30 Perks, Lorna Lorraine  25 Aug 1920Parkes, NSW, Australia I1351
31 Perks, Monica Alice  27 Aug 1909Parkes, NSW, Australia I1350
32 Perks, Thomas E G  1904Parkes, NSW, Australia I1355
33 Perks, Unnamed  1914Parkes, NSW, Australia I14487
34 Perks, William Porter  06 Jan 1912Parkes, NSW, Australia I1347
35 Perry, Annie Kathleen  05 Jun 1913Parkes, NSW, Australia I2431
36 Perry, Mary Elaine  09 Sep 1911Parkes, NSW, Australia I28447
37 Randell, Albert William  27 Mar 1901Parkes, NSW, Australia I36685
38 Reed, Eileen Florence  1903Parkes, NSW, Australia I1354
39 Reed, Eva S  1906Parkes, NSW, Australia I16405
40 Siviour, Ida May  06 Feb 1888Parkes, NSW, Australia I9115
41 Sullivan, Ada Evelyn Matilda  18 Nov 1887Parkes, NSW, Australia I1335
42 Sullivan, Alfred John George  13 Jul 1892Parkes, NSW, Australia I1337
43 Sullivan, Allan Gordon  03 Aug 1898Parkes, NSW, Australia I1340
44 Sullivan, Catherine Muriel  13 Feb 1894Parkes, NSW, Australia I1338
45 Sullivan, Esther Ann Herd  1909Parkes, NSW, Australia I1344
46 Sullivan, Harold Bernard  1912Parkes, NSW, Australia I1345
47 Sullivan, Herbert Oswyn Cornelius  07 Oct 1900Parkes, NSW, Australia I1341
48 Sullivan, James Oswald  1889Parkes, NSW, Australia I1336
49 Sullivan, Mervyn Lionel Lex  08 Sep 1906Parkes, NSW, Australia I1343
50 Sullivan, Percy Roy Gladstone  08 Mar 1896Parkes, NSW, Australia I1339

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Bertie Stuart  23 May 1980Parkes, NSW, Australia I33854
2 Armstrong, Evan Harold  28 Jul 1984Parkes, NSW, Australia I33856
3 Best, Elizabeth  1875Parkes, NSW, Australia I10549
4 Butler, Linda M  1900Parkes, NSW, Australia I27612
5 Butler, Samuel John  24 Sep 1903Parkes, NSW, Australia I26908
6 Frogley, Bertram Clifford  28 Oct 1972Parkes, NSW, Australia I20485
7 Frogley, Bertram Crosland  1945Parkes, NSW, Australia I20501
8 Hopkins, William  11 Apr 1921Parkes, NSW, Australia I6471
9 Leslie, Marie L  1960Parkes, NSW, Australia I27006
10 O'Brien, Cornelius  23 Jul 1901Parkes, NSW, Australia I39572
11 Ongleay, Georgina Eliza  1946Parkes, NSW, Australia I20516
12 Perks, Alan Gordon Moses  1950Parkes, NSW, Australia I25279
13 Perks, Alice Marie  02 Aug 1981Parkes, NSW, Australia I44484
14 Perks, Allan  1910Parkes, NSW, Australia I14486
15 Perks, Annie Shielburne  1944Parkes, NSW, Australia I1329
16 Perks, Elizabeth  1901Parkes, NSW, Australia I14483
17 Perks, Florence Jane  28 Jan 1940Parkes, NSW, Australia I1328
18 Perks, John George  29 Sep 1928Parkes, NSW, Australia I1346
19 Perks, John George  08 Apr 1930Parkes, NSW, Australia I1320
20 Perks, Josiah Thomas  1947Parkes, NSW, Australia I740
21 Perks, Kitchener  24 Apr 1941Parkes, NSW, Australia I1349
22 Perks, Lorna Lorraine  01 Aug 1999Parkes, NSW, Australia I1351
23 Perks, Unnamed  1914Parkes, NSW, Australia I14487
24 Sullivan, Harold Bernard  26 Dec 1926Parkes, NSW, Australia I1345
25 Wilson, Charles Brimsley  30 May 1918Parkes, NSW, Australia I20474
26 Wilson, Una Rose  30 May 1989Parkes, NSW, Australia I20484
27 Woods, Mervyn James  23 Oct 1973Parkes, NSW, Australia I41148


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Evan Harold  Parkes, NSW, Australia I33856
2 Perks, Alice Marie  Aug 1981Parkes, NSW, Australia I44484
3 Perks, Lorna Lorraine  Aug 1999Parkes, NSW, Australia I1351
4 Perks, Monica Alice  Sep 2004Parkes, NSW, Australia I1350


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Perks, Margarita Daphne  1906Parkes, NSW, Australia I14484


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Armstrong / McLean  07 Oct 1933Parkes, NSW, Australia F8158
2 Armstrong / Nicholas  15 Jun 1938Parkes, NSW, Australia F8301
3 Armstrong / Siviour  10 Feb 1902Parkes, NSW, Australia F2707
4 Clements / Perks  1921Parkes, NSW, Australia F4088
5 Frogley / Wilson  21 Sep 1933Parkes, NSW, Australia F5780
6 Nicholas / McLean  1940Parkes, NSW, Australia F8159
7 Orr / Perks  1941Parkes, NSW, Australia F717
8 Perks / Murphy  1937Parkes, NSW, Australia F4091
9 Perks / O'Brien  1897Parkes, NSW, Australia F701
10 Perks / Tolhurst  22 Feb 1899Parkes, NSW, Australia F699
11 Purcival / Perks  1927Parkes, NSW, Australia F4089
12 Sullivan / Perks  07 Feb 1887Parkes, NSW, Australia F698
13 White / Jelbart  1882Parkes, NSW, Australia F5776
14 Wilson / White  09 Nov 1903Parkes, NSW, Australia F5775