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Liverpool, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brown, Jane  Abt 1826Liverpool, Lancashire, England I39923
2 Forsyth, Lucius  06 Sep 1812Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6663
3 Hargreaves, Alice  Bef 1780Liverpool, Lancashire, England I45442
4 Hargreaves, Alice  25 Apr 1781Liverpool, Lancashire, England I45444
5 Hargreaves, Betty  22 Mar 1795Liverpool, Lancashire, England I34171
6 Hargreaves, James  09 Feb 1790Liverpool, Lancashire, England I45449
7 Hargreaves, John  23 Dec 1782Liverpool, Lancashire, England I45445
8 Hargreaves, Margaret  13 Sep 1775Liverpool, Lancashire, England I45441
9 Hargreaves, Mary  19 May 1788Liverpool, Lancashire, England I45448
10 Hargreaves, Sarah  15 Oct 1784Liverpool, Lancashire, England I45446
11 Hargreaves, Thomas  07 Apr 1792Liverpool, Lancashire, England I45450
12 Hargreaves, William  Bef Nov 1780Liverpool, Lancashire, England I45443
13 Hargreaves, William Reynolds  16 Nov 1786Liverpool, Lancashire, England I45447
14 James Watt, The Paddle Steamer  1824Liverpool, Lancashire, England I30539
15 Naylor, Peter  1814Liverpool, Lancashire, England I13592
16 Smith, Susan Parr  Abt 1830Liverpool, Lancashire, England I33169
17 Swan, Mavis Rutherford  18 May 1918Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6054


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hargreaves, Alice  15 Jun 1780Liverpool, Lancashire, England I45442
2 Hargreaves, Margaret  13 Sep 1794Liverpool, Lancashire, England I45441
3 Hargreaves, Mary  09 May 1791Liverpool, Lancashire, England I45448
4 Hargreaves, William  23 Nov 1780Liverpool, Lancashire, England I45443


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mutch, Henry Moses  05 Jan 1829Liverpool, Lancashire, England I34078


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Voyage    Person ID 
1 Albatross, The Ship  30 Apr 1854Liverpool, Lancashire, England I21071
2 Alfred, The Ship  19 Sep 1858Liverpool, Lancashire, England I25928
3 Ann Holzberg, The Ship  04 May 1853Liverpool, Lancashire, England I26197
4 Anna, The Ship  Abt Nov 1854Liverpool, Lancashire, England I22283
5 Argo, The Ship  08 Oct 1852Liverpool, Lancashire, England I35255
6 Argyleshire, The Ship  1840Liverpool, Lancashire, England I39315
7 Bee, The Ship  12 Sep 1855Liverpool, Lancashire, England I30535
8 Champion, The Ship  08 May 1840Liverpool, Lancashire, England I39350
9 Edward Caulson, The Ship  15 Jun 1833Liverpool, Lancashire, England I38741
10 Elizabeth (II), The Ship  1843Liverpool, Lancashire, England I29540
11 Elizabeth (II), The Ship  1845Liverpool, Lancashire, England I29540
12 Golconda, The Ship  23 Jan 1853Liverpool, Lancashire, England I21157
13 Golconda, The Ship  04 Feb 1854Liverpool, Lancashire, England I21157
14 Golconda, The Ship  02 Jul 1858Liverpool, Lancashire, England I21157
15 Hannah More, The Ship  1860Liverpool, Lancashire, England I26449
16 John Gray\Grey, The Ship  1852Liverpool, Lancashire, England I29061
17 Marchioness of Bute, The Ship  12 Sep 1841Liverpool, Lancashire, England I36355
18 Margaret, The Ship  1840Liverpool, Lancashire, England I21143
19 Matoaka, The Ship  1855Liverpool, Lancashire, England I24919
20 Matoaka, The Ship  1856Liverpool, Lancashire, England I24919
21 Nabob, The Ship  Abt Dec 1841Liverpool, Lancashire, England I36889
22 Orestes, The Ship  1841Liverpool, Lancashire, England I28720
23 Queen of England, The Ship  1859Liverpool, Lancashire, England I38193
24 Royal Admiral, The Barque  Abt Jun 1839Liverpool, Lancashire, England I33851


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Much / Halewood  1843Liverpool, Lancashire, England F8891