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Kissing Point, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Patfield, Elizabeth  06 Oct 1802Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12670
2 Melville, Charlotte  21 Aug 1803Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12682
3 Patfield, Mary  1804Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12726
4 Small, Samuel  27 Apr 1804Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12668
5 Small, Sarah  27 Apr 1804Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12669
6 Patfield, Sarah  1805Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12727
7 Patfield, Eliza  06 Apr 1807Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12728
8 Small, John Frederick  24 Oct 1821Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12671
9 Small, Elizabeth  24 Nov 1821Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12683
10 Small, Thomas  03 Oct 1822Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12695
11 Small, William  21 Apr 1824Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12684
12 Small, Susannah  09 Jan 1825Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12696
13 Hatton, Mary  18 Feb 1825Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12738
14 Small, Anne  18 Jul 1825Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12672
15 Hatton, Emma  28 Aug 1826Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12739
16 Small, Elizabeth  21 Sep 1826Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12697
17 Small, Robert  05 Nov 1826Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12685
18 Hatton, Ann  10 Jan 1828Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12740
19 Small, Eliza  10 Sep 1828Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12673
20 Small, William  14 Dec 1828Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12698
21 Small, Thomas  12 Aug 1829Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12686
22 Hatton, George  12 Jan 1830Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12741
23 Small, Samuel  29 Nov 1830Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12699
24 Small, Sophia  01 Feb 1831Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12674
25 Small, John  11 Jan 1832Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12687
26 Small, George  26 Feb 1832Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12675
27 Hatton, Joseph  18 May 1832Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12742
28 Small, Samuel  30 Nov 1833Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12703
29 Hatton, Isaac  06 Apr 1834Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12743
30 Patfield, Samuel  08 Jun 1834Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12718
31 Small, Samuel  14 Jul 1834Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12688
32 Small, Jane  08 Dec 1834Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12676
33 Small, Mary  14 Jan 1836Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12677
34 Small, Elizabeth  03 Nov 1836Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12704
35 Small, Henry  08 Feb 1837Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12689
36 Hatton, Sarah Selina Eliza  03 Mar 1838Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12744
37 Small, James  26 Nov 1838Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12678
38 Small, Joseph  06 Jan 1839Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12705
39 Small, George Septimus  05 Aug 1839Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12690
40 Small, Susannah Martha  12 May 1841Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12691
41 Small, James  23 Jun 1841Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12706
42 Small, John  23 Jun 1841Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12707
43 Small, Andrew Octavius  31 Aug 1848Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12692
44 Peck, Rebecca  23 Jun 1858Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I20533


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brian, Anthony  1826Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I8019
2 Small, John  02 Oct 1850Kissing Point, NSW, Australia I12369


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Small / Hughes  17 Aug 1848Kissing Point, NSW, Australia F3671


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   Family    Census    Family ID 
1 Hatton / Patfield  1828Kissing Point, NSW, Australia F3678