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Inverell, NSW, Australia



Latitude: -29.7627514, Longitude: 151.1102815


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boshier, John David  01 Mar 1929Inverell, NSW, Australia I32938
2 Campbell, Patricia  11 Apr 1960Inverell, NSW, Australia I28993
3 Fell, Constance J  1904Inverell, NSW, Australia I15195
4 Fell, Dorothy L  1907Inverell, NSW, Australia I15196
5 Fell, Jack Gordon Bruce  1900Inverell, NSW, Australia I15190
6 Hoey, Ada B  1874Inverell, NSW, Australia I15147
7 Hoey, Albert  1877Inverell, NSW, Australia I15176
8 Hoey, Alice Rose  1881Inverell, NSW, Australia I15178
9 Hoey, Edward A  1870Inverell, NSW, Australia I15174
10 Hoey, Eliza A.  1868Inverell, NSW, Australia I15173
11 Hoey, Eric Arthur J  1888Inverell, NSW, Australia I15181
12 Hoey, Esther Ellen  1879Inverell, NSW, Australia I15177
13 Hoey, Maurice  1886Inverell, NSW, Australia I15180
14 Hoey, Milbra Violet  1883Inverell, NSW, Australia I15179
15 Lees, William  1878Inverell, NSW, Australia I15161
16 Mulley, Stanley Harold  1906Inverell, NSW, Australia I22529
17 Ryan, Madeline Mary  27 May 1915Inverell, NSW, Australia I41823


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boshier, John David  14 Oct 1930Inverell, NSW, Australia I32938
2 Brown, James  1890Inverell, NSW, Australia I29362
3 Campbell, Patricia  11 Apr 1960Inverell, NSW, Australia I28993
4 Chin, Emily Victoria Susan  1934Inverell, NSW, Australia I17916
5 Clarke, Jane  1902Inverell, NSW, Australia I15192
6 Goodfellow, Ellen  26 Aug 1910Inverell, NSW, Australia I41195
7 Goodfellow, Mary  1902Inverell, NSW, Australia I15171
8 Goodfellow, Moses  1877Inverell, NSW, Australia I15191
9 Lees, William  1878Inverell, NSW, Australia I15161
10 Moore, Catherine Marjory  12 Oct 1985Inverell, NSW, Australia I28965
11 Prowse, Florence Mary Barrington  1951Inverell, NSW, Australia I191
12 Stennett, Moreton Bland  24 Sep 1992Inverell, NSW, Australia I28964


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bensley / Leslie  1933Inverell, NSW, Australia F5491
2 Bensley / Shanley  1934Inverell, NSW, Australia F5431
3 Campbell / Hoey  1902Inverell, NSW, Australia F4315
4 Cusick / Fell  1891Inverell, NSW, Australia F4291
5 Fell / Hoey  1899Inverell, NSW, Australia F4304
6 Goodsell / Hoey  1907Inverell, NSW, Australia F4317
7 Hoey / Garnett  1918Inverell, NSW, Australia F4318
8 Hoey / Merchant  1899Inverell, NSW, Australia F4312
9 O'Loughlan / Hoey  1904Inverell, NSW, Australia F4316
10 Toovey / Murray  1900Inverell, NSW, Australia F7216