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Granville, NSW, Australia



Latitude: -33.8404000, Longitude: 151.0079000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Annie Emily  1916Granville, NSW, Australia I24532
2 Bacon, Noel  1918Granville, NSW, Australia I44095
3 Bacon, Sheila M  1918Granville, NSW, Australia I44096
4 Bean, Emma R  1900Granville, NSW, Australia I20424
5 Bean, Eva Florence  1903Granville, NSW, Australia I20427
6 Bean, Gladys M S  1912Granville, NSW, Australia I20434
7 Bean, Ivy Irene  1901Granville, NSW, Australia I20425
8 Black, Charles Ernest  1908Granville, NSW, Australia I6491
9 Brennen, Jack  10 Jul 1917Granville, NSW, Australia I34893
10 Burnell, Jane Kathleen  29 Aug 1892Granville, NSW, Australia I41761
11 Burr, John E  1915Granville, NSW, Australia I33200
12 Carter, William  1870Granville, NSW, Australia I10210
13 Collett, Charles Kingsmill  1889Granville, NSW, Australia I3593
14 Collett, Esther A  1891Granville, NSW, Australia I3597
15 Collett, Neville R  20 May 1902Granville, NSW, Australia I3591
16 Davis, Florence Ida Mildred  1890Granville, NSW, Australia I3568
17 Davis, Jack S  1907Granville, NSW, Australia I7599
18 Davis, Leslie Robert  1893Granville, NSW, Australia I3585
19 Davis, Thelma A  1909Granville, NSW, Australia I7600
20 Guerin, Frederick H  1903Granville, NSW, Australia I22884
21 Harrison, Fanny A  1908Granville, NSW, Australia I2047
22 Kirk, Henry R  1898Granville, NSW, Australia I43843
23 Kirk, Linda M  1894Granville, NSW, Australia I43842
24 Kirk, Walter B  1892Granville, NSW, Australia I43841
25 Lambeth, Arthur Keith Ernest  16 Oct 1911Granville, NSW, Australia I11561
26 Lambeth, Beverley Joan  20 May 1918Granville, NSW, Australia I11563
27 Lambeth, Ernest Ronald  15 Dec 1904Granville, NSW, Australia I11559
28 Lambeth, Fredrick Gurney  07 May 1902Granville, NSW, Australia I11558
29 Lambeth, Madeline Maud  16 Jan 1908Granville, NSW, Australia I11560
30 Lambeth, Mordaunt Roy  11 Jul 1899Granville, NSW, Australia I11556
31 Lambeth, Patricia Gertrude  27 Jan 1914Granville, NSW, Australia I11562
32 Lambeth, Vera May  01 Feb 1900Granville, NSW, Australia I11557
33 MacAfee, Edward Robert  1911Granville, NSW, Australia I7564
34 MacAfee, Geoffrey P  1914Granville, NSW, Australia I7558
35 McInnes, Robert Lachlan  10 Jan 1917Granville, NSW, Australia I111
36 Nelson, Ethel Margaret  21 Apr 1883Granville, NSW, Australia I18529
37 Newbould, Raymond W  1912Granville, NSW, Australia I22642
38 Oakes, Dorothy B  1890Granville, NSW, Australia I22170
39 Oakes, Fennel B  1891Granville, NSW, Australia I22172
40 Oakes, Gordon B  1890Granville, NSW, Australia I22169
41 Oakes, Kenrick O'Connell  04 Jun 1891Granville, NSW, Australia I22177
42 Oakes, Russell B  1891Granville, NSW, Australia I22171
43 Rutherford, Lillian May  1889Granville, NSW, Australia I36098
44 Selby, John N  1893Granville, NSW, Australia I28388
45 Sharp, Eveline  1915Granville, NSW, Australia I22491
46 Sharp, Gladys  1913Granville, NSW, Australia I22490
47 Sharp, Ruby  1911Granville, NSW, Australia I22489
48 Sheather, Clement Howard  1913Granville, NSW, Australia I16762
49 Wales, Vida Isabel I  1906Granville, NSW, Australia I5871
50 Wearne, Emily Joyce  1918Granville, NSW, Australia I7610

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 B, Rosina  19 Jan 1914Granville, NSW, Australia I29259
2 Bean, Emma R  1900Granville, NSW, Australia I20424
3 Bean, Joseph  1945Granville, NSW, Australia I2450
4 Beckett, Thomas  1903Granville, NSW, Australia I29364
5 Bellamy, Annie  15 Oct 1909Granville, NSW, Australia I14087
6 Chaplain, Mary Ann  20 Nov 1907Granville, NSW, Australia I26398
7 Chaplain, Sarah  27 Dec 1902Granville, NSW, Australia I30450
8 Collett, Robert Montgomery  1915Granville, NSW, Australia I3595
9 Cook, George  1931Granville, NSW, Australia I42953
10 Corby, Stanley Cecil  1938Granville, NSW, Australia I22265
11 Curry, Edward thomas  1943Granville, NSW, Australia I45180
12 Dunn, Frederick Thomas G  1942Granville, NSW, Australia I20330
13 Gambell, Thomas Bagnall  29 Jul 1920Granville, NSW, Australia I26981
14 Greenwood, Robert  1904Granville, NSW, Australia I12988
15 Guest, Frederick John  1920Granville, NSW, Australia I22788
16 Haddon, Orlando  28 Jun 1939Granville, NSW, Australia I16481
17 Hall, Ferguson  1935Granville, NSW, Australia I30497
18 Harrison, Henry J J  1926Granville, NSW, Australia I28280
19 Hartge, Ada Theresa  1941Granville, NSW, Australia I15069
20 Hess, Christiana  30 Nov 1910Granville, NSW, Australia I29266
21 Higgins, Eliza Jane  22 Jul 1908Granville, NSW, Australia I45031
22 Hines, Thomas  1902Granville, NSW, Australia I11291
23 James, Lucy Jane  1901Granville, NSW, Australia I30
24 Keepence, Henry  1934Granville, NSW, Australia I12872
25 McFarlane, Euphemia  1896Granville, NSW, Australia I14287
26 McInnes, Lachlan McAlister  31 Jan 1902Granville, NSW, Australia I169
27 Pearsall, Samuel  1929Granville, NSW, Australia I1299
28 Sheather, Frederick Kyle  19 May 1922Granville, NSW, Australia I2415
29 Shelley, Georgiana Frederica  1918Granville, NSW, Australia I17881
30 Shelley, Herbert Campbell  05 Oct 1931Granville, NSW, Australia I20819
31 Shepherd, William Edwin  1949Granville, NSW, Australia I10200
32 Staff, Emma Maria  25 Apr 1940Granville, NSW, Australia I26420
33 Staff, Isabella Sophia  22 Feb 1925Granville, NSW, Australia I26436
34 Staff, James Samuel  01 Oct 1893Granville, NSW, Australia I26397
35 Staff, Sydney Nelson  05 Apr 1941Granville, NSW, Australia I26443
36 Wales, Leslie Henry  03 Dec 1971Granville, NSW, Australia I15338
37 Wallace, William  29 Jan 1950Granville, NSW, Australia I41234


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Moore, Torrington Edward  1945Granville, NSW, Australia I19020


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bacon / Maxham  1934Granville, NSW, Australia F9666
2 Bacon / Walsh  1908Granville, NSW, Australia F6264
3 Bean / Betts  1899Granville, NSW, Australia F1136
4 Bottle /   1911Granville, NSW, Australia F8156
5 Brennen / Gates  1927Granville, NSW, Australia F8454
6 Brennen / Robson  1942Granville, NSW, Australia F8463
7 Brennen / Williams  1930Granville, NSW, Australia F8453
8 Collett / Davis  1919Granville, NSW, Australia F1461
9 Collett / Fisher  1909Granville, NSW, Australia F1484
10 Corby / Haynes  02 Mar 1920Granville, NSW, Australia F6293
11 Corby / Parker  1928Granville, NSW, Australia F6423
12 Davis / Pope  1906Granville, NSW, Australia F1476
13 Fraser / Staff  09 Mar 1891Granville, NSW, Australia F6990
14 Glendinning / Bottle  1911Granville, NSW, Australia F8152
15 Guerin / Hancock  1904Granville, NSW, Australia F6495
16 Haddon / Harrison  1929Granville, NSW, Australia F999
17 Hughes / Brennen  1929Granville, NSW, Australia F8456
18 Hughes / Martin  1933Granville, NSW, Australia F9045
19 Izard / Brennen  1936Granville, NSW, Australia F8461
20 James / Miller  1900Granville, NSW, Australia F1280
21 Kentwell / Devaney  28 Jun 1919Granville, NSW, Australia F2143
22 King / Sheather  1941Granville, NSW, Australia F6149
23 Luke / Bale  1929Granville, NSW, Australia F6982
24 MacAfee / Davis  1909Granville, NSW, Australia F1474
25 MacMahon / Wales  23 Mar 1933Granville, NSW, Australia F4439
26 May / Staff  1892Granville, NSW, Australia F6991
27 Newbould / Corby  1933Granville, NSW, Australia F6449
28 Norford / Brennen  1922Granville, NSW, Australia F7586
29 Pincham / Tuckwell  1930Granville, NSW, Australia F8546
30 Radley / Donnelly  1920Granville, NSW, Australia F6458
31 Sayer / Skinner  1938Granville, NSW, Australia F8088
32 Sheather / Cocks  1904Granville, NSW, Australia F2218
33 Staff / Lee  1896Granville, NSW, Australia F6993
34 Tate / Brennen  1930Granville, NSW, Australia F8458
35 Tuckwell / Goddard  1900Granville, NSW, Australia F8545
36 Wales / Wedesweiler  1928Granville, NSW, Australia F4438
37 Walker / Betts  12 Mar 1927Granville, NSW, Australia F1613
38 Wearne / Collett  1912Granville, NSW, Australia F1485
39 Whatham / Sheather  1915Granville, NSW, Australia F4125
40 Williams / Davis  1901Granville, NSW, Australia F1477