AUSIGEN - Family History

Glebe, NSW, Australia



Latitude: -33.8797800, Longitude: 151.1854100


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alderson, Charles Leslie  1868Glebe, NSW, Australia I38891
2 Anderson, John Alexander  1886Glebe, NSW, Australia I18537
3 Ashdown, James  28 May 1866Glebe, NSW, Australia I31725
4 Barnett, Elsie M  1883Glebe, NSW, Australia I26828
5 Barnett, Robert C  1885Glebe, NSW, Australia I26829
6 Bean, Elsie Mary  1887Glebe, NSW, Australia I41584
7 Bean, Helen Muriel  1880Glebe, NSW, Australia I41583
8 Bean, William Herbert  1872Glebe, NSW, Australia I41578
9 Blade, Charles William  12 Sep 1901Glebe, NSW, Australia I34476
10 Butler, Thomas Charles  1869Glebe, NSW, Australia I9945
11 Butler, William Plumleigh  1876Glebe, NSW, Australia I9946
12 Cooke, Jean  1916Glebe, NSW, Australia I15165
13 Craighead, Ivy M  1896Glebe, NSW, Australia I28710
14 Dunn, Edith P  1896Glebe, NSW, Australia I20350
15 Dunn, Emily Rose May  1882Glebe, NSW, Australia I26493
16 Dunn, Eva Louise  1873Glebe, NSW, Australia I18502
17 Dunn, Matilda Evelyn  1885Glebe, NSW, Australia I26497
18 Dunn, Nina Josephine  1886Glebe, NSW, Australia I26501
19 Dunn, Percy Rowland  1870Glebe, NSW, Australia I18501
20 Dunn, Thomas Coleman  1883Glebe, NSW, Australia I26495
21 Hardingham, Lance F  1906Glebe, NSW, Australia I24180
22 Hewitt, Lucy Ada  06 Jan 1900Glebe, NSW, Australia I27176
23 Higgins, Ernest August  1877Glebe, NSW, Australia I30053
24 Hughes, George Esmond  1924Glebe, NSW, Australia I40047
25 James, Harold E  1896Glebe, NSW, Australia I9500
26 Kingston, Arthur Reginald  30 Sep 1895Glebe, NSW, Australia I27739
27 McCredie, George Roy  1886Glebe, NSW, Australia I20321
28 Milverton, Annie M  1865Glebe, NSW, Australia I30574
29 Milverton, Matilda  1861Glebe, NSW, Australia I30573
30 Munro, Frederick Thompson  1894Glebe, NSW, Australia I8598
31 Oliver, Arthur Wellesley L  1884Glebe, NSW, Australia I32083
32 Oliver, Jane L M  1886Glebe, NSW, Australia I32084
33 Perry, Albert George  1881Glebe, NSW, Australia I13220
34 Sheather, Marie Elizabeth  1910Glebe, NSW, Australia I10124
35 Shelley, Margaret Vyner  15 Jan 1900Glebe, NSW, Australia I22188
36 Smith, Frederick  18 Apr 1873Glebe, NSW, Australia I44155
37 Smith, Frederick George  06 Apr 1886Glebe, NSW, Australia I44158
38 Stennett, Matilda  21 Aug 1852Glebe, NSW, Australia I17999
39 Stennett, Rose Alice  21 Aug 1852Glebe, NSW, Australia I18000
40 Struck, Christina Caroline  06 Apr 1869Glebe, NSW, Australia I20746
41 Struck, Richard Alfred  14 Nov 1897Glebe, NSW, Australia I7779
42 Tegel, Emma Louise  Aug 1886Glebe, NSW, Australia I31820
43 Tuckwell, Walter R  1902Glebe, NSW, Australia I32341
44 Webb, Arthur Ernest W  1881Glebe, NSW, Australia I29841
45 Webb, Edward August T  1876Glebe, NSW, Australia I29840
46 Welby, Kathleen Mary  1910Glebe, NSW, Australia I32713
47 Wheeler, Ruth M  1867Glebe, NSW, Australia I32210
48 Woodward, Arthur Norman  02 Nov 1888Glebe, NSW, Australia I27708
49 Woodward, Dorothy T  1900Glebe, NSW, Australia I28501


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beckett, Jane Eliza  1869Glebe, NSW, Australia I10468
2 Beecroft, Arthur Norman  21 Nov 1923Glebe, NSW, Australia I7789
3 Cooke, Jean  1916Glebe, NSW, Australia I15165
4 Evans, Maria  1890Glebe, NSW, Australia I8007
5 Howard, Jonathan  10 Oct 1886Glebe, NSW, Australia I11270
6 Howard, Samuel  13 Nov 1868Glebe, NSW, Australia I44963
7 Nicholl, Mary Angelsey  1936Glebe, NSW, Australia I44621
8 Pettet, Edith M  1875Glebe, NSW, Australia I45486
9 Pickering, William Henry  28 Jul 1909Glebe, NSW, Australia I29616
10 Russell, Caroline Maude  14 Feb 1958Glebe, NSW, Australia I1168
11 Smith, Frederick  02 May 1873Glebe, NSW, Australia I44155
12 Smith, Janet Scott  28 Jun 1872Glebe, NSW, Australia I45499
13 Smith, William Thomas Tipple  15 Sep 1880Glebe, NSW, Australia I44156
14 Stennett, Matilda  28 Aug 1852Glebe, NSW, Australia I17999
15 Wallace, Joseph  01 Apr 1928Glebe, NSW, Australia I41225
16 Weatherby, Harry J  1903Glebe, NSW, Australia I36942
17 Whiteman, Jane Butchers  22 Sep 1880Glebe, NSW, Australia I41224
18 Whiteman, Louisa  19 May 1893Glebe, NSW, Australia I41215


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Stennett, Clara Lydia  25 May 1854Glebe, NSW, Australia I18001


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Carroll  1921Glebe, NSW, Australia F8179
2 / Ticehurst  1941Glebe, NSW, Australia F6380
3 Ashe / Smith  1872Glebe, NSW, Australia F117
4 Bean / Bell  1879Glebe, NSW, Australia F460
5 Beck / Maling  1916Glebe, NSW, Australia F7162
6 Beecroft / Healey  1916Glebe, NSW, Australia F5251
7 Bibby / Randell  1914Glebe, NSW, Australia F4542
8 Blade / Cotton  1923Glebe, NSW, Australia F8400
9 Clancy / Dunn  1910Glebe, NSW, Australia F7405
10 Craighead / Beecroft  1897Glebe, NSW, Australia F2389
11 Dilworth / Quirk  1857Glebe, NSW, Australia F7828
12 Downie / Ferrier  1911Glebe, NSW, Australia F8305
13 Freeborn / Naylor  1916Glebe, NSW, Australia F3874
14 Furey / Wethered  1941Glebe, NSW, Australia F803
15 Kingston / Purss  24 Jun 1918Glebe, NSW, Australia F7301
16 Martin / Chin  1919Glebe, NSW, Australia F5077
17 McLintock / Tedd  1904Glebe, NSW, Australia F7041
18 O'Rourke / Beck  1931Glebe, NSW, Australia F8172
19 Perceval / Keating  1942Glebe, NSW, Australia F3629
20 Preston / Chard  26 May 1857Glebe, NSW, Australia F7912
21 Purss / Munro  18 Nov 1922Glebe, NSW, Australia F7302
22 Roberts / New  1937Glebe, NSW, Australia F7995
23 Rumble /   1931Glebe, NSW, Australia F5385
24 Shelley / Wright  1899Glebe, NSW, Australia F5963
25 Skinner / Atkins  1893Glebe, NSW, Australia F1856
26 Stubbs / Gray  1906Glebe, NSW, Australia F3830
27 Thompson /   1929Glebe, NSW, Australia F9052
28 Walkley / Wethered  1943Glebe, NSW, Australia F804
29 Wheeler / Kidson  1865Glebe, NSW, Australia F1648
30 Woodward / Purss  20 Sep 1913Glebe, NSW, Australia F5744