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Colac, VIC, Australia



Latitude: -38.3410186, Longitude: 143.5854622


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bassett, Irene Bronwen  04 Feb 1920Colac, VIC, Australia I407
2 Bassett, Richard Azariah  1888Colac, VIC, Australia I406
3 Bassett, Valerie Farndale  29 Apr 1921Colac, VIC, Australia I408
4 Chant, Lillian  12 May 1874Colac, Vic, Australia I44654
5 Erlandson, Charlotte  1865Colac, VIC, Australia I45598
6 Erlandson, Edward  1866Colac, VIC, Australia I45599
7 Erlandson, Eleanor Christina  1863Colac, VIC, Australia I45597
8 Erlandson, Elna  20 Dec 1882Colac, VIC, Australia I45596
9 Erlandson, Eric Jonas  20 Aug 1883Colac, VIC, Australia I45595
10 Erlandson, Erland John  1868Colac, VIC, Australia I45600
11 Erlandson, Ernest Edward  18 Aug 1873Colac, VIC, Australia I45590
12 Erlandson, Florence Mary  31 Jan 1878Colac, VIC, Australia I45592
13 Erlandson, Hans Peter  12 May 1870Colac, VIC, Australia I45601
14 Erlandson, Irene  27 Feb 1870Colac, VIC, Australia I391
15 Erlandson, James Oliver  1872Colac, VIC, Australia I45603
16 Erlandson, Jens Peter  1874Colac, VIC, Australia I45604
17 Erlandson, John Allan  08 May 1876Colac, VIC, Australia I45591
18 Erlandson, Mabel  06 Mar 1868Colac, VIC, Australia I45588
19 Erlandson, Reginald Blakiston  12 Sep 1879Colac, VIC, Australia I45594
20 Erlandson, William  12 May 1870Colac, VIC, Australia I45602
21 Martin, Ada Melinda  02 Sep 1864Colac, VIC, Australia I129
22 Martin, Alfred Myro Viterious  13 Jul 1863Colac, VIC, Australia I128
23 Martin, Anna Maria  04 Aug 1858Colac, VIC, Australia I126
24 Martin, Elizabeth Clarissa Teresa  19 Dec 1853Colac, VIC, Australia I73
25 Martin, Marion Amelia Susan  15 Sep 1856Colac, VIC, Australia I125
26 Martin, Martin Edgar  18 Sep 1869Colac, VIC, Australia I131
27 Martin, Robert Wilson  17 Apr 1868Colac, VIC, Australia I44646
28 Martin, William John Matthew  16 May 1860Colac, VIC, Australia I127
29 Sitlington, Alexander Farndale  1889Colac, VIC, Australia I41976
30 Sitlington, Arthur Pitts  1870Colac, VIC, Australia I41967
31 Sitlington, Clara Irene  1888Colac, VIC, Australia I405
32 Sitlington, Edith Laura  1867Colac, VIC, Australia I35657
33 Sitlington, Edmund Andrew  1873Colac, VIC, Australia I35656
34 Sitlington, Frederick William  1865Colac, VIC, Australia I35658
35 Sitlington, Martha Kate  1875Colac, VIC, Australia I35655
36 Smith, Allan Lawrence  1896Colac, VIC, Australia I36338
37 Smith, Betty  29 Apr 1914Colac, VIC, Australia I412
38 Smith, Elizabeth Eileen  06 Aug 1895Colac, VIC, Australia I416
39 Smith, Harold Farndale  1890Colac, VIC, Australia I36336
40 Smith, Horatio Randall  15 Aug 1891Colac, VIC, Australia I410
41 Smith, Nellia  1894Colac, VIC, Australia I36337
42 Smith, Victor Martin  03 Aug 1902Colac, VIC, Australia I417


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aspland, Susan  1910Colac, VIC, Australia I428
2 Bassett, Irene Bronwen  29 Dec 2013Colac, VIC, Australia I407
3 Bassett, Richard Azariah  30 May 1970Colac, VIC, Australia I406
4 Bassett, Valerie Farndale  09 Dec 2013Colac, VIC, Australia I408
5 Blakiston, Mary  06 Aug 1898Colac, VIC, Australia I35649
6 Burt, Hannah  02 Dec 1897Colac, VIC, Australia I45587
7 Darby, Richard  26 Aug 1886Colac, VIC, Australia I430
8 Darby, William  16 Jan 1906Colac, VIC, Australia I211
9 Erlandson, Alan  17 May 1884Colac, VIC, Australia I35648
10 Erlandson, Charlotte  23 Jan 1933Colac, VIC, Australia I45598
11 Erlandson, Eleanor Christina  19 Jun 1877Colac, VIC, Australia I45597
12 Erlandson, Julia  17 Aug 1953Colac, VIC, Australia I45589
13 Farndale, Elizabeth  24 Oct 1918Colac, VIC, Australia I210
14 Martin, Marion Amelia Susan  1952Colac, VIC, Australia I125
15 McMahon, Albert William  1982Colac, VIC, Australia I267
16 Peskett, Annie  1953Colac, VIC, Australia I41042
17 Peskett, Harold  1960Colac, VIC, Australia I41041
18 Pitts, Sarah Westcott  19 Jun 1913Colac, VIC, Australia I35651
19 Sitlington, Alexander James  27 May 1924Colac, VIC, Australia I404
20 Sitlington, Carolina Amelia  27 Jun 1950Colac, VIC, Australia I35659
21 Sitlington, Clara Irene  12 Dec 1983Colac, VIC, Australia I405
22 Sitlington, Edith Laura  07 Oct 1949Colac, VIC, Australia I35657
23 Sitlington, Edmund Andrew  11 Apr 1947Colac, VIC, Australia I35656
24 Sitlington, Emma Mary  05 Jul 1927Colac, VIC, Australia I35652
25 Sitlington, Frederick William  04 Feb 1943Colac, VIC, Australia I35658
26 Sitlington, Martha Kate  1940Colac, VIC, Australia I35655
27 Sitlington, Robert  04 Jul 1886Colac, VIC, Australia I35650
28 Sitlington, Sarah Margaret  05 Jul 1935Colac, VIC, Australia I35654
29 Smith, Harold Farndale  10 Apr 1910Colac, VIC, Australia I36336


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Sitlington, Robert  07 Jul 1886Colac, VIC, Australia I35650


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Milit-Beg    Person ID 
1 Sitlington, Alexander Farndale  18 Aug 1914Colac, VIC, Australia I41976


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Sitlington, Edith Laura  Colac, VIC, Australia I35657
2 Sitlington, Robert  Bef 1886Colac, VIC, Australia I35650


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Darby / Farndale  Abt 1854Colac, VIC, Australia F159
2 Martin / Erlandson  30 Sep 1897Colac, VIC, Australia F99
3 Sitlington / Pitts  15 May 1854Colac, VIC, Australia F224