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Windsor, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bayly, Alfred William  1869Windsor, NSW, Australia I4665
2 Bensley, Earl Napier  25 Jul 1913Windsor, NSW, Australia I19283
3 Bensley, Ella Hope  11 Jan 1912Windsor, NSW, Australia I19282
4 Betts, Emily Mary  1841Windsor, NSW, Australia I20828
5 Blackman, James  1823Windsor, NSW, Australia I11911
6 Blackman, Samuel Alfred  18 Feb 1830Windsor, NSW, Australia I11915
7 Blackman, Sarah  12 Mar 1824Windsor, NSW, Australia I11912
8 Blackman, Sarah Amelia  02 Dec 1827Windsor, NSW, Australia I11914
9 Blackman, William Richard  1825Windsor, NSW, Australia I11913
10 Brennen, Alice F  22 Nov 1907Windsor, NSW, Australia I34888
11 Brennen, Mary Josephine  19 Sep 1903Windsor, NSW, Australia I34885
12 Brennen, Peter  02 Nov 1905Windsor, NSW, Australia I34887
13 Brennen, Thomas  02 Oct 1904Windsor, NSW, Australia I34886
14 Butler, Ann  1870Windsor, NSW, Australia I26034
15 Butler, Maria  1874Windsor, NSW, Australia I26035
16 Butler, Sarah  1867Windsor, NSW, Australia I26033
17 Butt, Lydia  24 Dec 1854Windsor, NSW, Australia I18641
18 Byrnes, Doris Eliza  13 Feb 1904Windsor, NSW, Australia I1173
19 Chaplain, Mary Ann  1868Windsor, NSW, Australia I30506
20 Chaplain, Samuel  1873Windsor, NSW, Australia I30507
21 Cobcroft, Ada  1874Windsor, NSW, Australia I23031
22 Cobcroft, Alice  1871Windsor, NSW, Australia I23030
23 Cobcroft, Alice Mary  1862Windsor, NSW, Australia I11943
24 Cobcroft, Arthur  1866Windsor, NSW, Australia I23028
25 Cobcroft, Catherine Ann  1860Windsor, NSW, Australia I11942
26 Cobcroft, Ella M  1869Windsor, NSW, Australia I23089
27 Cobcroft, Ethel Annie  1876Windsor, NSW, Australia I23090
28 Cobcroft, George Hamilton  1873Windsor, NSW, Australia I23087
29 Cobcroft, Harvie  1869Windsor, NSW, Australia I23029
30 Cobcroft, Henry  1864Windsor, NSW, Australia I23027
31 Cobcroft, Isabella Jane  1849Windsor, NSW, Australia I23225
32 Cobcroft, John F  1859Windsor, NSW, Australia I23026
33 Cobcroft, John Richard  1845Windsor, NSW, Australia I23212
34 Cobcroft, Joseph  1813Windsor, NSW, Australia I11879
35 Cobcroft, Mabel C  1866Windsor, NSW, Australia I23085
36 Cobcroft, Maud F  1867Windsor, NSW, Australia I23088
37 Cobcroft, Sarah Margaret  1857Windsor, NSW, Australia I11941
38 Cobcroft, Thomas F  1871Windsor, NSW, Australia I23086
39 Cornwell, Alice  1881Windsor, NSW, Australia I5707
40 Cornwell, Minnie  1885Windsor, NSW, Australia I5709
41 Cornwell, Viney  1887Windsor, NSW, Australia I5710
42 Cornwell, William  1882Windsor, NSW, Australia I5708
43 Cornwell, William Henry  1858Windsor, NSW, Australia I5706
44 Crossley, Ann  09 Apr 1844Windsor, NSW, Australia I872
45 Cupitt, James  1818Windsor, NSW, Australia I31088
46 Davis, Edward  30 May 1819Windsor, NSW, Australia I23437
47 Davis, Robert Henry E  18 Sep 1853Windsor, NSW, Australia I2482
48 Firth  1909Windsor, NSW, Australia I44174
49 Firth, Gladys Violet  1911Windsor, NSW, Australia I44175
50 Fishburn, William Jnr  1819Windsor, NSW, Australia I10274

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Butler, Ann  1822Windsor, NSW, Australia I17906
2 Chaplain, Mary Ann  1870Windsor, NSW, Australia I30506
3 Chaplain, Samuel  1874Windsor, NSW, Australia I30507
4 Cobcroft, Charles Albert  1871Windsor, NSW, Australia I11894
5 Cobcroft, George John  14 Aug 1874Windsor, NSW, Australia I11868
6 Cobcroft, James Carlton  1897Windsor, NSW, Australia I11935
7 Cobcroft, John Benjamin  1943Windsor, NSW, Australia I24891
8 Cobcroft, John Frederick  17 Sep 1875Windsor, NSW, Australia I11891
9 Cobcroft, Mabel C  1866Windsor, NSW, Australia I23085
10 Cobcroft, Sarah Margaret  Abt 1893Windsor, NSW, Australia I11941
11 Cooper, James  Oct 1963Windsor, NSW, Australia I13747
12 Cusbert, Henry J  1893Windsor, NSW, Australia I40475
13 Daley, Eliza  1870Windsor, NSW, Australia I30505
14 Firth  1909Windsor, NSW, Australia I44174
15 Francis, Phoebe  15 Nov 1815Windsor, NSW, Australia I38186
16 Higgins, Caroline  1863Windsor, NSW, Australia I14724
17 Higgins, Charles Emanuel  1886Windsor, NSW, Australia I14716
18 Higgins, Florence Alvine  1882Windsor, NSW, Australia I14720
19 Kentwell, Horace Clifton  04 Mar 1926Windsor, NSW, Australia I6533
20 Nash, William  19 Jun 1789Windsor, NSW, Australia I15124
21 Perks, Thomas Wainwright  1933Windsor, NSW, Australia I1324
22 Sheather, Eliza  1906Windsor, NSW, Australia I6722
23 Skinner, John  28 Jan 1915Windsor, NSW, Australia I5716
24 Staff, Ann  Dec 1864Windsor, NSW, Australia I26441
25 Staff, Grace  Abt Jan 1865Windsor, NSW, Australia I26442
26 Stephens, Andrew Carmichael  1917Windsor, NSW, Australia I23172
27 Stephens, Frederick R  1934Windsor, NSW, Australia I29468


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Fishburn, Mary  29 Oct 1815Windsor, NSW, Australia I31425
2 Laughton, Charlotte M  1851Windsor, NSW, Australia I42412
3 Laughton, David  1857Windsor, NSW, Australia I40420
4 Laughton, Fairlina  1860Windsor, NSW, Australia I42415
5 Laughton, Frederick P  1863Windsor, NSW, Australia I42416
6 Laughton, John William  1843Windsor, NSW, Australia I40418
7 Laughton, Peter  1838Windsor, NSW, Australia I42406
8 Laughton, William Schofield  1847Windsor, NSW, Australia I42410


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Rose, Elizabeth Mary Ann  11 Nov 1818Windsor, NSW, Australia I22967


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 White, William  1814Windsor, NSW, Australia I11340


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Alston / Beckett  1840Windsor, NSW, Australia F3263
2 Arnett / Schofield  1928Windsor, NSW, Australia F6549
3 Brown / Seath  1859Windsor, NSW, Australia F4803
4 Byrnes / Gorman  1854Windsor, NSW, Australia F7495
5 Cobcroft / Dunstan  1889Windsor, NSW, Australia F3493
6 Cobcroft / Laycock  1876Windsor, NSW, Australia F6565
7 Cobcroft / Wood  1864Windsor, NSW, Australia F3480
8 Dunstan / Cusley  1815Windsor, NSW, Australia F9029
9 Gilbert / Kentwell  1896Windsor, NSW, Australia F650
10 Higgins / Paull  1878Windsor, NSW, Australia F4191
11 Johnston / Cobcroft  1891Windsor, NSW, Australia F3498
12 Kentwell / Wheeler  1902Windsor, NSW, Australia F2140
13 Laycock / Pitt  1835Windsor, NSW, Australia F7561
14 McLean / Higgins  1903Windsor, NSW, Australia F7732
15 Nash / Drayton  1860Windsor, NSW, Australia F4326
16 Pettet / MacDonald  1939Windsor, NSW, Australia F6482
17 Plummer / Brennen  1933Windsor, NSW, Australia F8521
18 Robinson / Cobcroft  27 Mar 1834Windsor, NSW, Australia F3467
19 Stephens / Cobcroft  1880Windsor, NSW, Australia F3496
20 Turnbull / Cobcroft  17 Jan 1877Windsor, NSW, Australia F3495
21 Upton / Butler  1924Windsor, NSW, Australia F7318