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Seven Hills, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Best, Evelina Amelia  17 Oct 1863Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10620
2 Best, George  15 Aug 1855Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10615
3 Best, Hannah  1850Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10613
4 Best, John Thomas  01 May 1844Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10611
5 Best, Louisa Alberta  27 May 1860Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10618
6 Best, Maria Jane  18 Feb 1848Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10619
7 Best, Martha Amanette  16 Aug 1858Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10617
8 Best, Mary  03 Oct 1803Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10548
9 Best, Mary  11 Dec 1851Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10614
10 Best, Matthew William  24 Aug 1843Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10597
11 Best, Robert Holt  27 Jul 1856Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10616
12 Best, Samuel  24 May 1846Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10612
13 Best, Susanna  14 May 1841Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10621
14 Best, Thomas  20 Jun 1799Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10472
15 Best, William  01 Aug 1842Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10610
16 Brien, Catherine  19 Oct 1809Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10662
17 Brien, Charlotte  20 Apr 1835Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10642
18 Brien, Clara  10 Nov 1821Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10593
19 Brien, Daniel  17 Jul 1817Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10537
20 Brien, Daniel  23 Aug 1840Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10644
21 Brien, Eleanor Grace  08 Mar 1832Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10668
22 Brien, Elizabeth Florella  26 Sep 1819Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I894
23 Brien, Hannah  13 Mar 1853Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10650
24 Brien, Jane  19 May 1811Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10663
25 Brien, John  25 May 1857Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10651
26 Brien, John Robert  11 Nov 1823Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10665
27 Brien, Katherine  26 Aug 1848Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10648
28 Brien, Mary Ann  21 Sep 1815Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10664
29 Brien, Mary Ann  27 Jan 1834Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10641
30 Brien, Matilda Susannah  24 Nov 1850Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10649
31 Brien, Robert  Jun 1859Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10652
32 Brien, Samuel  09 Jul 1836Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10643
33 Brien, Sarah Jane  30 Jun 1843Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10645
34 Brien, Timothy  03 Jul 1813Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10633
35 Brien, Timothy  01 Jun 1845Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10646
36 Brien, William James  09 Jul 1846Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10647
37 Chaplain, Mary Ann  22 Aug 1829Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I26398
38 Crossley, Martha  15 Oct 1842Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I19
39 Howard, Alfred James  01 Jan 1847Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I11183
40 Howard, David Basil  1853Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I11186
41 Howard, David Robert  29 Dec 1857Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I11188
42 Howard, Elizabeth Hannah  06 Oct 1848Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I11184
43 Howard, Frances May  15 Dec 1866Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I11192
44 Howard, Henry William  27 Apr 1860Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I11189
45 Howard, Jonathan George  11 Jun 1855Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I11187
46 Howard, Peter Vellego  13 Jan 1864Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10694
47 Howard, Sarah Jane  23 Feb 1851Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I11185
48 Howard, Sidney  13 Aug 1864Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I11191
49 Howard, Thomas Samuel  13 Aug 1862Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I11190
50 Howard, William Henry  27 May 1859Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10693

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brien, Daniel  22 Aug 1837Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10639
2 Brien, Timothy  15 Jan 1897Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10633
3 Cole, Anne  04 Jul 1895Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I12830
4 Crane, John  18 Apr 1865Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I12869
5 England, Rebecca  09 Aug 1901Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I11285
6 Gilbert, Charlotte  30 Apr 1862Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10625
7 Good, Ann  14 Jan 1846Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I11211
8 Howard, David Basil  26 Oct 1875Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I30490
9 Howard, Ellen  10 Jun 1860Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I11268
10 Howard, Rachel  17 Jun 1848Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I44960
11 Parker, Mary Ann  13 Jul 1865Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10640
12 Pearce, Matthew  28 Dec 1831Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I11277
13 Pearce, Matthew Woodward  12 May 1878Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I10671
14 Power, Morgan  08 Dec 1825Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I11208
15 Williams, Ann  14 Nov 1855Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I11272


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Browning, William  1828Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I9625


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Browning, William  1806Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I9625
2 Crossley, Jeremiah  From 1840 to 1842Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I20
3 James, Sarah  From 1840 to 1842Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I21
4 Pile(s), Sarah Mary  1806Seven Hills, NSW, Australia I9624


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Luke / Staff  14 Oct 1882Seven Hills, NSW, Australia F7025
2 Power / Good  15 Jan 1826Seven Hills, NSW, Australia F3274
3 Thompson / Kentwell  1896Seven Hills, NSW, Australia F2093


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   Family    Census    Family ID 
1 Sherwood / Mould  1828Seven Hills, NSW, Australia F1893