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Leichhardt, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amory, Reginald B  1883Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I27498
2 Ashdown, Charles Arthur  1895Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I31731
3 Ashdown, Eleanor Edith  1891Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I31729
4 Ashdown, Hilda M  1892Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I31730
5 Bates, Arthur Hilton  29 May 1940Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I44178
6 Begg, Elsie C  30 Nov 1885Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I14365
7 Blade, Jack Reginald  1903Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I34477
8 Boyd, Robert  1901Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I17026
9 Brigdale, Irene Myrtle  1893Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I13280
10 Budd, Emily E  1894Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I45045
11 Chin, Benjamin J  1902Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I27047
12 Chin, Emma A  1899Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I27045
13 Dunn, Alice Gertrude  1893Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I9914
14 Gould, Muriel Margaret  08 May 1918Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I20301
15 Hewitt, Linda May Eileen  23 Jan 1902Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I27178
16 James, Cecil M  1894Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I9499
17 James, Frank R  1889Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I9498
18 Johnson, John C  1887Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I16648
19 Kelly, Florence Margaret  1890Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I27910
20 Maling, Walter Jessop  04 Sep 1902Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I25572
21 Martz, Frederick H  1894Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I39125
22 Milham, Hubert J  1884Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I30357
23 Munro, May Victoria  24 May 1901Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I27741
24 Noakes, Gladys Leah A  1892Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I13323
25 Overton, Eric B  1896Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I27646
26 Overton, Stanley H  1893Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I27643
27 Peaker, Dorothy S  1898Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I27519
28 Peaker, Dorris S  1889Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I27517
29 Peaker, Lillian M V  1886Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I27508
30 Peaker, Pearl Elaine  1887Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I27510
31 Peaker, Royal C  1891Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I27518
32 Perceval, David W  1903Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I12606
33 Rein, Stanley Vincent  1890Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I22789
34 Richards, Barbara Joan  07 Mar 1937Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I42077
35 Samuel, Cecil Richard  05 Aug 1920Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I42073
36 Samuel, Ethel Mary  1906Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I42122
37 Sheather, Frederick Thomas  27 May 1910Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I16665
38 Sheather, William James  07 May 1908Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I16668
39 Shelley, Marguriette Augusta Irene  Aug 1885Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I20982
40 Stennett, Roy Morten  18 Apr 1890Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I20417
41 Taber, Robert  1889Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I16757
42 Taylor, Emily Violet  20 Apr 1900Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I8597
43 Yates, Arthur Henry  1883Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I27030
44 Yates, Lucy A  1887Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I27041


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bates, William  19 Oct 1898Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I5755
2 Chin, Benjamin  16 Aug 1899Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I1163
3 Corby, Rebecca  06 Jun 1930Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I22218
4 Davidson, Gladys Ruby  22 Jul 1992Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I16791
5 Dowsett, Thomas  02 Aug 1918Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I39356
6 Dunk, Elizabeth  1886Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I16822
7 Fishburn, Hannah  19 Mar 1919Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I31432
8 Hilder, John  1886Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I16821
9 Martin, Elizabeth  26 May 1918Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I8479
10 Martz, Frederick H  1894Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I39125
11 Milverton, Daniel  1899Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I30563
12 Mutch, Charles John  06 Nov 1955Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I1114
13 Peaker, Dorris S  1892Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I27517
14 Peaker, Royal C  1896Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I27518
15 Pye, James Andrew  1896Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I11241
16 Sheather, George Hill  22 Nov 1988Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I16663
17 Struck, Henry A  16 Jan 1921Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I20741
18 Taber, Robert  1889Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I16757


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Milit-Beg    Person ID 
1 Sheather, William James  04 Jun 1941Leichhardt, NSW, Australia I16668


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Buckingham / Sheather  1898Leichhardt, NSW, Australia F4180
2 Harrison / Barlow  1903Leichhardt, NSW, Australia F1004
3 Langdale / Hewitt  05 Sep 1923Leichhardt, NSW, Australia F7242
4 Nelson / Struck  1887Leichhardt, NSW, Australia F5914
5 Rowbotham / Peaker  1906Leichhardt, NSW, Australia F7299
6 Tanner / Sanderson  1889Leichhardt, NSW, Australia F4039