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Islington, Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bowles, Henry  Abt 1869Islington, Middlesex, England I41091
2 Bowles, unnamed on the census  Abt Mar 1871Islington, Middlesex, England I41092
3 Bowles, Walter  Abt Mar 1863Islington, Middlesex, England I39922
4 Bowles, Walter Elon  Abt Nov 1890Islington, Middlesex, England I41095
5 Crew, Eliza Jane  Abt 1824Islington, Middlesex, England I31648
6 Holmes, John  Abt Nov 1869Islington, Middlesex, England I39713
7 Montague, Ada J  Abt 1877Islington, Middlesex, England I39868
8 Montague, Clara  Abt Jun 1874Islington, Middlesex, England I39867
9 Montague, Frederick William  Abt 1867Islington, Middlesex, England I39866
10 Mote, Alice Ann  15 Aug 1863Islington, Middlesex, England I39876
11 Mote, Arthur Charles  Abt Mar 1859Islington, Middlesex, England I39875
12 Mote, George Arthur DCM  25 Aug 1888Islington, Middlesex, England I39881
13 Mote, George John James  20 Dec 1856Islington, Middlesex, England I44604
14 Mote, George Lewis  17 Apr 1861Islington, Middlesex, England I44605
15 Mote, Minnie Rose  06 Sep 1865Islington, Middlesex, England I39877
16 Mote, Sarah Ann Louisa  Abt Dec 1855Islington, Middlesex, England I41107
17 Nicolls, Albert Edward  Abt Dec 1874Islington, Middlesex, England I39612
18 Smith, Edward Walter  1859Islington, Middlesex, England I30304
19 Smith, Robert Bowen  1867Islington, Middlesex, England I30307
20 Wilson, Alice Mary  Abt 1859Islington, Middlesex, England I41613
21 Wilson, Joseph Henry  1856Islington, Middlesex, England I23795


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bowles, Cecil Irving V  Abt Jun 1901Islington, Middlesex, England I39917
2 Cansdell, Sarah  31 Jan 1842Islington, Middlesex, England I41615
3 Lange, Ludwig John  Abt Jul 1846Islington, Middlesex, England I41614
4 Montague, Michael  Abt Jun 1846Islington, Middlesex, England I39865
5 Mote, Albert Thomas  Abt Mar 1895Islington, Middlesex, England I6621
6 Mote, Alice Ann  Abt Dec 1873Islington, Middlesex, England I39876
7 Mote, Arthur Charles  Abt Jun 1939Islington, Middlesex, England I39875
8 Mote, George Edward  Abt Dec 1874Islington, Middlesex, England I39718
9 Mote, George John James  Abt Mar 1860Islington, Middlesex, England I44604
10 Mote, George Lewis  Abt Jun 1866Islington, Middlesex, England I44605
11 Mote, Sarah Ann Louisa  Abt Dec 1862Islington, Middlesex, England I41107
12 Sucker, Sarah  1896Islington, Middlesex, England I219
13 Wilson, Joseph Green  Abt Dec 1859Islington, Middlesex, England I41609


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bowles, Walter  05 Apr 1891Islington, Middlesex, England I39922


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bowles /   Abt Sep 1889Islington, Middlesex, England F9022
2 Bowles / Mote  Jul 1886Islington, Middlesex, England F9008
3 Holmes / Mote  25 Dec 1864Islington, Middlesex, England F2162
4 Mote / McNamara  Abt Dec 1887Islington, Middlesex, England F9007
5 Nicolls / Mote  Abt Jun 1905Islington, Middlesex, England F8729
6 Wilson / Lange  Abt Dec 1847Islington, Middlesex, England F6668
7 Wilson / Mercer  Jun 1909Islington, Middlesex, England F6667


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   Family    Census    Family ID 
1 Bowles /   1901Islington, Middlesex, England F9022
2 Mote / McNamara  05 Apr 1891Islington, Middlesex, England F9007