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Castle Hill, NSW, Australia



Latitude: -33.7292500, Longitude: 151.0040200


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bayly, Claude H  1901Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I27526
2 Bayly, Crystal M  1899Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I27525
3 Bayly, Lily E  1897Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I27524
4 Bayly, Winifred D  1896Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I27523
5 Beckett, James  01 May 1824Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I11178
6 Beckett, Martha  04 Apr 1827Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I11179
7 Beckett, Rebecca  22 Aug 1828Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I11180
8 Beckett, Samuel Joseph  22 Nov 1829Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I11181
9 Best, Henry M  1898Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I29435
10 Best, John  11 Dec 1810Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I10551
11 Best, Marjorie M  1901Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I29436
12 Best, Martha Susannah  28 Dec 1839Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I10595
13 Best, Peter  08 Nov 1814Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I10553
14 Best, Robert Holt  27 Aug 1812Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I10552
15 Best, Robert Holt  16 Oct 1841Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I10596
16 Best, Sarah  26 Jan 1809Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I10550
17 Best, Vera A  1897Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I29434
18 Best, William  09 Apr 1816Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I10554
19 Black, Cedric Horace Victor  04 Jul 1900Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6468
20 Black, Hedley John Edwin  17 Sep 1873Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6441
21 Black, Hedley John Edwin  26 Jun 1898Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6463
22 Black, Marshall Van Buren  02 Mar 1877Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6445
23 Black, Sylvanus Montifiore Chas  24 Aug 1870Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6439
24 Black, Thelma J  23 Jan 1901Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6466
25 Brien, Daniel  23 Sep 1842Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I10654
26 Brien, George  18 Feb 1850Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I10655
27 Brien, Sophia  15 Nov 1839Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I10653
28 Collins, Jessie Joyce  06 Sep 1873Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6246
29 Crane, Alfred  10 Jan 1909Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6421
30 Crane, Charles  23 Apr 1912Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6423
31 Crane, Daisy  19 Aug 1907Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6420
32 Crane, Edwin George  13 Apr 1845Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I43030
33 Crane, Elizabeth Maria  12 Nov 1850Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I12096
34 Crane, Elsie  03 Sep 1910Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6422
35 Crane, Emma Rebecca  29 Nov 1839Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I1187
36 Crane, George Henry  26 Nov 1863Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6394
37 Crane, Gladys  07 Dec 1903Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6419
38 Crane, John Pye  12 Jun 1848Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I43031
39 Crane, Myrtle  29 Dec 1901Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6418
40 Crane, Sarah  22 Aug 1842Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I43029
41 Crane, Susannah  07 Jan 1851Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I43032
42 Davis, Arthur George  02 Jun 1878Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6304
43 Davis, Edith May  27 Oct 1876Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6303
44 Davis, Irene  26 Mar 1885Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6295
45 Davis, Mabel  05 Oct 1884Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6307
46 Davis, Mark  18 Jun 1882Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6306
47 Davis, Matilda Jane  03 Sep 1874Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6301
48 Davis, Matthew  25 Jun 1844Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6286
49 Davis, Victoria Eva  09 Apr 1880Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6305
50 Denhoe, Eleanor  25 Dec 1819Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I23062

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Banks, Silas  1875Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I23002
2 Bean, Alfred  28 Jul 1848Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I935
3 Best, George  03 Jul 1836Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I10544
4 Best, George  31 May 1854Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I10476
5 Black, Enid Nellie  03 Apr 1981Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6446
6 Caller, Rosetta  15 Jul 1929Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6128
7 Crane, Charles Edwin  18 May 1876Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6396
8 Crane, Elizabeth Rebecca  29 Jun 1914Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6393
9 Crane, George Henry  13 May 1876Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6394
10 Crane, John Louis  19 May 1876Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6397
11 Crane, Maria Maud  16 May 1876Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6398
12 Crane, Sarah  09 Feb 1926Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I43029
13 Crane, William Arthur  21 May 1876Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6399
14 Davis, Luke  07 Aug 1938Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6300
15 Davis, Mark  10 May 1897Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6287
16 Gilbert, Richard Baker  08 Aug 1887Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I928
17 Harrison, Cassie Zella  03 Jul 1976Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I45313
18 Harrison, Frederick William  13 May 1940Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6494
19 James, Edwin  19 Nov 1931Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I1670
20 James, Elizabeth  27 May 1885Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I34
21 James, Elizabeth Ann  13 May 1900Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I1679
22 James, Esther  10 Nov 1923Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I871
23 James, Eva H Birdy  18 Nov 1884Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I12102
24 James, Inez Irene  29 Oct 1977Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I23004
25 James, Jemima  20 Aug 1938Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I1665
26 James, John Robert  06 Jan 1897Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I32
27 James, Mary  17 Aug 1841Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I870
28 Kentwell, Ann  12 May 1905Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I1182
29 Kentwell, Elizabeth Jane  30 Jun 1900Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I1180
30 Kentwell, Elizabeth Julina  31 May 1875Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6530
31 Kentwell, John  09 Oct 1897Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I892
32 Kentwell, William Edward  09 Oct 1876Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6322
33 Miller, Mildred Alma  14 Jun 2000Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I35382
34 Moore, Elizabeth  09 Oct 1881Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I43691
35 Morris, Elizabeth  25 Jan 1852Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I12962
36 Moulds, Simon  31 Oct 1874Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I893
37 Moulds, Susan  1899Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I5859
38 Purser, Edward John  1888Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I31400
39 Radley, John  13 Feb 1882Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I5954
40 Shiell, Florence J  10 Nov 1958Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I43687
41 Tuckwell, Arthur Henry  30 Sep 1869Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6124
42 Tuckwell, Humphrey Thorn  03 Dec 1861Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6119
43 Tuckwell, Mary Ann  20 Aug 1901Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I10538
44 Tuckwell, William Humphrey  02 Jan 1904Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I1181
45 Venner, Ellen Nash  27 Aug 1932Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6452
46 Webb, Matilda  02 Dec 1935Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I42354


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Fishburn, John  Mar 1888Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I10278
2 James, Herbert Henry  Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I4676
3 James, Roland Claude  Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I4688
4 Kentwell, John Robert  21 Sep 1893Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I1186


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Crane, Emma Rebecca  19 Jan 1840Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I1187


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Kentwell, Iley Alexandria  31 Mar 1897Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I6434


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Catherine  1828Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I23064
2 Denhoe, Timothy  1828Castle Hill, NSW, Australia I23063


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clout / Denhoe  10 Jun 1845Castle Hill, NSW, Australia F2064
2 Fishburn / Moore  22 Dec 1857Castle Hill, NSW, Australia F1656
3 Fishburn / Shiell  25 Jan 1919Castle Hill, NSW, Australia F9591
4 Goodin / James  26 Feb 1896Castle Hill, NSW, Australia F1644
5 Hancock / Best  02 Jan 1845Castle Hill, NSW, Australia F3044
6 James / Banks  24 Jan 1885Castle Hill, NSW, Australia F865
7 Kentwell / Purser  12 Feb 1851Castle Hill, NSW, Australia F633
8 Roughley / Stubbs  1896Castle Hill, NSW, Australia F9529
9 Roughley / Tuckwell  23 Jul 1851Castle Hill, NSW, Australia F3086
10 Scott / Moulds  30 Jul 1900Castle Hill, NSW, Australia F1913
11 Smith / Wilson  06 Dec 1924Castle Hill, NSW, Australia F4642
12 Walker / Schofield  1941Castle Hill, NSW, Australia F6510