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Campbelltown, NSW, Australia



Latitude: -34.0650000, Longitude: 150.8141670


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bean, Charles  1819Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I832
2 Clifton, Charles  27 Dec 1845Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I33152
3 Coleman, John  22 Sep 1837Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I9770
4 Collett, Hazel Alma  09 Oct 1920Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I5396
5 Collett, Heather Edaline Theta  17 Nov 1915Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I5392
6 Collett, Ina Ada  06 Dec 1922Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I5401
7 Collett, Kelvin Lawrence  13 May 1924Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I5399
8 Collett, Murray Arthur  23 Jun 1917Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I5394
9 Friend, Jesse  15 Sep 1847Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I22779
10 Hammond, Mary Ellen  1859Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I41397
11 Harvey, Philip  21 Jan 1865Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I4054
12 James, Alice  1883Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I39871
13 James, Daisy  1893Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I9511
14 James, Darcy M  1907Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I35348
15 James, Elizabeth Jane  1878Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I9509
16 James, Mary  1888Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I9513
17 James, Robert  1891Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I9510
18 James, William  1896Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I9512
19 McInnes, Donald  1841Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I18533
20 Munro, Janet Rachael  1879Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I2212
21 Munro, William  1845Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I31081
22 New, Alfred B W  1896Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I22347
23 Nicholas, Samuel Francis  1879Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I138
24 Nicol, Amy Lucy  1877Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I5488
25 Nicol, Ellen Jane  1875Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I5487
26 Nicol, Minnie  1874Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I3042
27 Nicol, Sybil Grace  1888Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I5491
28 Nicol, Walter George Philip  1879Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I5489
29 Plows, John Thomas  28 Dec 1827Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I32307
30 Plows, Matilda  02 Sep 1851Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I32353
31 Plows, Thomas Henry  1829Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I32315
32 Purnell, Mary  13 Jun 1825Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I24898
33 Rose, Alfred Marson Nash  06 Sep 1832Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I12379
34 Rose, Charles Henry Pye  22 Jan 1830Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I12377
35 Rose, Hannah Rebecca  13 Jan 1831Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I12378
36 Rose, Reuben Uther Bartlett  03 Sep 1832Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I12380
37 Rose, Sarah Elizabeth Jane  22 Jan 1836Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I12381
38 Sanderson, Edward Leighton  1881Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I14624
39 Seddon, Allan Geoffrey  27 Jan 1903Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I2267
40 Seddon, Barbara Miriam  01 Jun 1914Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I2271
41 Seddon, Cecil Dudley  03 Jul 1902Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I2277
42 Seddon, Donald Bruce  15 May 1901Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I2265
43 Seddon, Glentworth Mervyn  18 May 1904Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I2279
44 Seddon, Hezekia Crossley  16 Dec 1905Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I2278
45 Seddon, Horace Joseph William  05 Mar 1907Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I2280
46 Seddon, Joseph Munro  15 Aug 1899Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I2264
47 Seddon, Laurie Grace  29 Apr 1907Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I2269
48 Seddon, Lesley Keith  27 Jan 1903Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I2266
49 Seddon, Neville Allwyn  07 Mar 1905Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I2268
50 Seddon, Richard Angus  03 Sep 1912Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I2270

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bentley, Sarah  19 Oct 1869Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I41829
2 Byrne, John Hubert  1953Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I41401
3 Coleman, John  1837Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I9770
4 Coleman, John  13 Nov 1883Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I9769
5 Collett, Mary  09 Jan 1920Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I2452
6 Crossley, Esther  11 Nov 1934Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I876
7 Hammond, Mary Ellen  1931Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I41397
8 House, Elizabeth Ann  09 Jan 1885Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I12256
9 Hunt, Elizabeth  26 Nov 1835Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I41827
10 James, William  1896Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I9512
11 McPherson, Mary  10 Mar 1843Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I18523
12 Munro, Grace Jane  04 Mar 1962Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I2211
13 Nicol, Sybil Grace  13 Apr 1902Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I5491
14 Pullen, Mary  30 Jan 1830Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I13048
15 Seddon, Joseph James Frederick  18 Mar 1938Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I1711
16 Seddon, Joseph Munro  09 Jun 1976Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I2264
17 Seddon, Richard Angus  May 1984Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I2270
18 Wales, Betty Margaret Grace  11 Apr 1992Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I11634
19 Warby, Benjamin  08 Mar 1880Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I41826
20 Warby, John  12 Jun 1851Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I41828
21 Winton, Lily R  1864Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I41423


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 McInnes, John  26 Sep 1874Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I626
2 Plows, Thomas  24 Jun 1860Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I18531


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Sheather, Frederick  From 1901 to 1944Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I6787
2 Thornton, William Gurney  1876Campbelltown, NSW, Australia I891


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Casey / Wales  1924Campbelltown, NSW, Australia F4464
2 Huon / House  06 Feb 1822Campbelltown, NSW, Australia F3172
3 McNab / Seddon  28 Nov 1914Campbelltown, NSW, Australia F887
4 McQueen / Nicol  1911Campbelltown, NSW, Australia F1824
5 Munro / Werner  1866Campbelltown, NSW, Australia F1052
6 New / Sherack  1903Campbelltown, NSW, Australia F6381
7 Nicol / Collett  1874Campbelltown, NSW, Australia F1141
8 Plows / McCarney  1863Campbelltown, NSW, Australia F8178
9 Seddon / Devine  16 Feb 1921Campbelltown, NSW, Australia F1077
10 Sewell / Short  1824Campbelltown, NSW, Australia F9090
11 Sheather / Holland  1935Campbelltown, NSW, Australia F7753
12 Sheather / Pett  25 Jul 1901Campbelltown, NSW, Australia F2232
13 Sheather / Warby  1924Campbelltown, NSW, Australia F2699
14 Warby / Fowler  1838Campbelltown, NSW, Australia F4756