AUSIGEN - Family History

Waverley, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Butler, Jean E  1909Waverley, NSW, Australia I28022
2 Clarke, Edna May  05 Jul 1909Waverley, NSW, Australia I3162
3 Crossley, Keith Selbourne  1917Waverley, NSW, Australia I16261
4 Davis, Edna Amelia  1907Waverley, NSW, Australia I3673
5 Fletcher, Ethel L  1912Waverley, NSW, Australia I31363
6 Hughes, Dorothy M  1902Waverley, NSW, Australia I40027
7 Kerr, Kenneth R  Waverley, NSW, Australia I24616
8 Lackey, Nellie A  1905Waverley, NSW, Australia I24177
9 Martin, Reginald Deighton  1880Waverley, NSW, Australia I26671
10 Rogers, Joseph W  1915Waverley, NSW, Australia I22328
11 Sheather, Alan M  1906Waverley, NSW, Australia I31854
12 Sheather, Unnamed  1908Waverley, NSW, Australia I31855
13 Shelley, D'Arcy Mansfield  06 Apr 1890Waverley, NSW, Australia I22166
14 Stewart, Kathleen J  1916Waverley, NSW, Australia I39237
15 Stuart, Henry W F  1907Waverley, NSW, Australia I16584
16 Tegel, Albert A  1907Waverley, NSW, Australia I31813
17 Wales, Alicia Louise  01 Jul 1937Waverley, NSW, Australia I11624


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bean, Jemima  1910Waverley, NSW, Australia I933
2 Burgess, Georgina May  12 Jul 1941Waverley, NSW, Australia I27548
3 Coonan, Walter Thomas  1926Waverley, NSW, Australia I12907
4 Dunn, Edward John  1945Waverley, NSW, Australia I7821
5 Fletcher, Ethel L  1915Waverley, NSW, Australia I31363
6 Haeusler, Hermann Frederick  10 Feb 1928Waverley, NSW, Australia I32038
7 Hartley, John E  Abt 1980Waverley, NSW, Australia I15341
8 Mansfield, Charles Shelley  12 Nov 1896Waverley, NSW, Australia I4640
9 McKenny, Edith M  1937Waverley, NSW, Australia I8331
10 McKenny, Marion A  1937Waverley, NSW, Australia I8333
11 Murray, John P  02 Jul 1929Waverley, NSW, Australia I29910
12 Sheather, Albert John  1946Waverley, NSW, Australia I14917
13 Sheather, Unnamed  1908Waverley, NSW, Australia I31855
14 Shelley, James A  Waverley, NSW, Australia I20826
15 Tibbey, John Alfred  1942Waverley, NSW, Australia I29789
16 Wales, Alicia Louise  18 May 1977Waverley, NSW, Australia I11624


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Arthur / Murray  1934Waverley, NSW, Australia F8633
2 Bean / Hill  1908Waverley, NSW, Australia F462
3 Butler / Newman  1908Waverley, NSW, Australia F7347
4 Corbett / Andrews  29 Aug 1929Waverley, NSW, Australia F5538
5 Dunn / Bartley  1936Waverley, NSW, Australia F2423
6 Dunn / McAlpine  1920Waverley, NSW, Australia F2413
7 Dunn / Plowman  1922Waverley, NSW, Australia F2422
8 Gordon / Clune  1921Waverley, NSW, Australia F2436
9 Hall / Smyth  1903Waverley, NSW, Australia F6899
10 Hartley / Wales  1934Waverley, NSW, Australia F4368
11 Haynes / Loomes  28 Aug 1937Waverley, NSW, Australia F4347
12 Honeman / Fuller  1915Waverley, NSW, Australia F9580
13 King / Prior  1923Waverley, NSW, Australia F4373
14 Loxton / Merriman  1940Waverley, NSW, Australia F2767
15 Lynch / Murray  1934Waverley, NSW, Australia F8630
16 McFawn / Gold  1942Waverley, NSW, Australia F6848
17 New / Barrett  10 Apr 1912Waverley, NSW, Australia F1979
18 Pitches / Read  1940Waverley, NSW, Australia F6435
19 Sheather / Mackenzie  1904Waverley, NSW, Australia F4156
20 Shelley / Bowden  19 Sep 1860Waverley, NSW, Australia F781
21 Somerville / Boxhall  1926Waverley, NSW, Australia F7049
22 Struck / Bott  1910Waverley, NSW, Australia F5880
23 Tegel / Gummerson  1904Waverley, NSW, Australia F5542