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Redfern, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alderson, Elsie Blanche  06 Jan 1892Redfern, NSW, Australia I38893
2 Alderson, Leslie C E  1889Redfern, NSW, Australia I38892
3 Bateup, Edith  1865Redfern, NSW, Australia I45035
4 Bateup, Sydney J  1871Redfern, NSW, Australia I45038
5 Bateup, Sydney William  1874Redfern, NSW, Australia I45040
6 Bateup, Thomas H  1867Redfern, NSW, Australia I45036
7 Bermingham, Doris M  1915Redfern, NSW, Australia I28382
8 Bermingham, Mildred A  1916Redfern, NSW, Australia I28383
9 Brennan, Constance Anette  Mar 1918Redfern, NSW, Australia I18137
10 Brennan, Dorothy Agnes  25 Feb 1906Redfern, NSW, Australia I17195
11 Brennan, Harold Richard  31 Jul 1916Redfern, NSW, Australia I18128
12 Brown, Percival John  1914Redfern, NSW, Australia I28403
13 Butler, Martha Susan M  1878Redfern, NSW, Australia I26899
14 Butler, Matilda Margaret  09 Aug 1866Redfern, NSW, Australia I9944
15 Cameron, Grace H  1915Redfern, NSW, Australia I28376
16 Cameron, Valerie L  1917Redfern, NSW, Australia I28377
17 Cobham, George Augustus  1876Redfern, NSW, Australia I18599
18 Collett, William Harold  1915Redfern, NSW, Australia I7084
19 Coomber, Leila A  1904Redfern, NSW, Australia I28339
20 Coomber, Walter J  1871Redfern, NSW, Australia I28325
21 Coomber, Walter S J  1907Redfern, NSW, Australia I28340
22 Crouch, Richard George Carter  1890Redfern, NSW, Australia I41816
23 Douglas, Eliza M  1877Redfern, NSW, Australia I25983
24 Evans  1867Redfern, NSW, Australia I7993
25 Evans, Amy Alice  1867Redfern, NSW, Australia I28304
26 Evans, Charles William  23 Dec 1878Redfern, NSW, Australia I4645
27 Evans, Elizabeth Jane  25 Oct 1854Redfern, NSW, Australia I7989
28 Evans, Frederick William  1869Redfern, NSW, Australia I7994
29 Evans, Mary  05 Jun 1864Redfern, NSW, Australia I28302
30 Evans, Richard E  1869Redfern, NSW, Australia I28305
31 Fletcher, Olive  1898Redfern, NSW, Australia I27887
32 Forbes, Myrtle Matilda  22 May 1901Redfern, NSW, Australia I24147
33 Fosse, Joyce  1915Redfern, NSW, Australia I28259
34 Fry, Edward John  27 Mar 1897Redfern, NSW, Australia I38909
35 Fry, Florence Mildred  28 Jan 1913Redfern, NSW, Australia I38917
36 Gambell, Ada Mary  1869Redfern, NSW, Australia I26983
37 Gooch, Alma Grace  26 Jun 1895Redfern, NSW, Australia I38898
38 Gooch, Florence Ethel  15 Jan 1892Redfern, NSW, Australia I38896
39 Gooch, Rita M A  1901Redfern, NSW, Australia I38902
40 Guest, John Joseph  13 Sep 1913Redfern, NSW, Australia I22792
41 Harrison, Edward George  1864Redfern, NSW, Australia I28292
42 Harrison, Frederick  1870Redfern, NSW, Australia I28295
43 Harrison, Mary E  1866Redfern, NSW, Australia I28293
44 Harrison, Randolph L  1868Redfern, NSW, Australia I28294
45 Jowers, Alice  1884Redfern, NSW, Australia I15023
46 Loudon, Nellie V  1913Redfern, NSW, Australia I19330
47 MacPherson, Muriel  1902Redfern, NSW, Australia I28344
48 Moore, Ethel Elizabeth  1880Redfern, NSW, Australia I19323
49 Moore, George W  1881Redfern, NSW, Australia I19324
50 Pawley, Edgar Frank  1873Redfern, NSW, Australia I18489

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alderson, Leslie C E  1893Redfern, NSW, Australia I38892
2 Alt, Martha Jane  1945Redfern, NSW, Australia I10702
3 Bartush, May M  1919Redfern, NSW, Australia I30109
4 Bateup, Henry  1868Redfern, NSW, Australia I45033
5 Bateup, Sydney J  1872Redfern, NSW, Australia I45038
6 Bateup, Thomas H  1868Redfern, NSW, Australia I45036
7 Bean, Joseph  05 Nov 1905Redfern, NSW, Australia I2443
8 Bean, Priscilla Bignell  1907Redfern, NSW, Australia I5739
9 Begg, Neil I MacFarlane  1917Redfern, NSW, Australia I14347
10 Best, Louisa Alberta  10 Aug 1895Redfern, NSW, Australia I10618
11 Boyd, Sarah Jane  10 May 1929Redfern, NSW, Australia I10960
12 Butler, Joseph Henry  1925Redfern, NSW, Australia I26922
13 Cameron, Grace H  1915Redfern, NSW, Australia I28376
14 Cameron, Valerie L  1917Redfern, NSW, Australia I28377
15 Cusbert, Hannah M  1931Redfern, NSW, Australia I40476
16 Downes, Dorothy May  19 Oct 1930Redfern, NSW, Australia I41768
17 Evans  1867Redfern, NSW, Australia I7993
18 Fairhall, Miriam Pearl  29 Sep 1948Redfern, NSW, Australia I17192
19 Fell, Edgar George P  1938Redfern, NSW, Australia I15145
20 Gilmore, Francis  02 May 1920Redfern, NSW, Australia I10742
21 Glissan, Florence Margaret Cobham  1933Redfern, NSW, Australia I16198
22 Gooch, Florence Ethel  23 Dec 1892Redfern, NSW, Australia I38896
23 Greedy, Joseph  29 Jan 1959Redfern, NSW, Australia I17193
24 Harrison, Charles Albert Evans  1937Redfern, NSW, Australia I28278
25 Harrison, Edward George  1937Redfern, NSW, Australia I28292
26 Harrison, Mary E  1867Redfern, NSW, Australia I28293
27 Harrison, Percival Thomas  1937Redfern, NSW, Australia I28282
28 Harrison, Randolph L  1871Redfern, NSW, Australia I28294
29 Herrett, Henry  1933Redfern, NSW, Australia I15285
30 Higgs, Amy Elizabeth  04 Oct 1937Redfern, NSW, Australia I7875
31 Higgs, Ruby  15 Jul 1943Redfern, NSW, Australia I28256
32 Jowers, Alfred C  1883Redfern, NSW, Australia I15022
33 Lambeth, Fredrick Gurney  03 Dec 1920Redfern, NSW, Australia I11558
34 Mapstone, Emma Maria  1919Redfern, NSW, Australia I28035
35 McCarty, Effie  1941Redfern, NSW, Australia I13213
36 Metcalf, Melinda Matilda  1902Redfern, NSW, Australia I23683
37 Napper, Phyllis Mena  08 Oct 1945Redfern, NSW, Australia I22813
38 Pickering, Horatio  03 Nov 1899Redfern, NSW, Australia I29625
39 Pickering, May R  30 Jun 1930Redfern, NSW, Australia I29623
40 Priestley, Tom P  1922Redfern, NSW, Australia I18507
41 Rudd, Fanny  1906Redfern, NSW, Australia I41821
42 Rudd, Thomas H  1903Redfern, NSW, Australia I38920
43 Sheather, Dorothy Grace Florence  1924Redfern, NSW, Australia I21242
44 Sheather, Emily Gladys Irene  Nov 1938Redfern, NSW, Australia I20173
45 Sheather, Henry  16 May 1865Redfern, NSW, Australia I981
46 Shelley, Allan Keith  1929Redfern, NSW, Australia I20837
47 Stansell, James  1929Redfern, NSW, Australia I41946
48 Thornton, John Edward  01 Dec 1909Redfern, NSW, Australia I38877
49 Thornton, John Edward  17 Jan 1926Redfern, NSW, Australia I41263
50 Toovey, Walter Frederick  20 Jul 1938Redfern, NSW, Australia I28273

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Wales, Lavinia Muriel  1907Redfern, NSW, Australia I1443


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Alderson / Thornton  1889Redfern, NSW, Australia F8856
2 Allen / Guerin  1941Redfern, NSW, Australia F6508
3 Auld / Small  1936Redfern, NSW, Australia F8023
4 Bateman / Lipscombe  1864Redfern, NSW, Australia F5286
5 Bermingham / Cameron  1914Redfern, NSW, Australia F7392
6 Brennan / Eccleston  29 Jan 1937Redfern, NSW, Australia F5150
7 Brennen / Cornwell  1903Redfern, NSW, Australia F1852
8 Clune / McKenzie  1895Redfern, NSW, Australia F2875
9 Cobcroft / Hope  21 Oct 1863Redfern, NSW, Australia F3465
10 Deehan / Best  1931Redfern, NSW, Australia F6521
11 Edgerton / Brighten  1924Redfern, NSW, Australia F2935
12 Egan / Rutherford  1915Redfern, NSW, Australia F8612
13 Fletcher / Crowe  1898Redfern, NSW, Australia F7202
14 Forbes /   1883Redfern, NSW, Australia F7020
15 Fry / Thornton  1896Redfern, NSW, Australia F8858
16 Gardner / Gooch  1915Redfern, NSW, Australia F9270
17 Guerin / Woods  1941Redfern, NSW, Australia F6505
18 Hall / Anderson  1930Redfern, NSW, Australia F2513
19 Harris / Guerin  1932Redfern, NSW, Australia F6507
20 Higgs / Roach  20 Apr 1918Redfern, NSW, Australia F4568
21 Higson / Moulds  1913Redfern, NSW, Australia F1923
22 Honeman / Thick  1933Redfern, NSW, Australia F9585
23 Keen / Brennan  14 Jul 1924Redfern, NSW, Australia F4869
24 Laughton / Gill  1886Redfern, NSW, Australia F9088
25 Luland / Aldrick  1922Redfern, NSW, Australia F7358
26 Luland / Britten  22 Mar 1916Redfern, NSW, Australia F7356
27 Luland / Butler  1925Redfern, NSW, Australia F7360
28 Luland / Nolan  1919Redfern, NSW, Australia F7357
29 Mackintosh / Collett  1905Redfern, NSW, Australia F1467
30 McClure / Sheather  16 Dec 1901Redfern, NSW, Australia F3207
31 Perry / Keys  1912Redfern, NSW, Australia F7362
32 Snowball / Higgins  1928Redfern, NSW, Australia F7893
33 Tuckwell / Evans  1935Redfern, NSW, Australia F8131
34 Ward / Dale  1923Redfern, NSW, Australia F7168
35 Weatherby / Finch  1903Redfern, NSW, Australia F8730
36 Wilson / Hutchison  1904Redfern, NSW, Australia F7954
37 Woods / Guerin  1930Redfern, NSW, Australia F6506