AUSIGEN - Family History

North Sydney, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Sheather, Roy James  30 Mar 1921North Sydney, NSW, Australia I10814


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bean, Harold  22 Sep 1952North Sydney, NSW, Australia I41794
2 Bensley, Robert Bloomfield  1930North Sydney, NSW, Australia I18654
3 Boyd, Sarah  03 Jun 1915North Sydney, NSW, Australia I10974
4 Coomber, Alfred Ernest  1944North Sydney, NSW, Australia I28329
5 Corby, Thomas  06 Feb 1925North Sydney, NSW, Australia I22216
6 Forbes, William Alexander  02 Jan 1932North Sydney, NSW, Australia I24145
7 Kentwell, Herbert  1935North Sydney, NSW, Australia I6427
8 O'Brien, Florence Mary  1942North Sydney, NSW, Australia I17688
9 Pearson, Isabella Agnes  11 Apr 1930North Sydney, NSW, Australia I10660
10 Pettet, Alice May  30 Mar 1930North Sydney, NSW, Australia I43808
11 Pidgeon, Thomas  20 Jun 1925North Sydney, NSW, Australia I23111
12 Riley, Agnes Joan  1938North Sydney, NSW, Australia I15080
13 Roberts, Frank Denbeigh  1944North Sydney, NSW, Australia I22335
14 Roberts, Samuel John  1926North Sydney, NSW, Australia I22313
15 Sheather, Margaret Annie  1936North Sydney, NSW, Australia I14091
16 Shelley, George Vyner John Moffatt  09 Jun 1944North Sydney, NSW, Australia I20981
17 Shelley, Hector Marsden  1929North Sydney, NSW, Australia I20838
18 Shelley, Percy Herbert  14 Jun 1944North Sydney, NSW, Australia I20998
19 Sherack, Matilda C  1936North Sydney, NSW, Australia I22349
20 Stuart, James Henry  1935North Sydney, NSW, Australia I16197
21 Whiteman, Eliza  1934North Sydney, NSW, Australia I41220


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Milit-Beg    Person ID 
1 Sheather, Roy James  14 May 1941North Sydney, NSW, Australia I10814


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bradfield / Mitchell  1935North Sydney, NSW, Australia F8070
2 Collett /   1942North Sydney, NSW, Australia F1846
3 Dominick / Allan  1929North Sydney, NSW, Australia F355
4 Dunn / Willis  04 Jul 1942North Sydney, NSW, Australia F7473
5 Fletcher / Wade  1929North Sydney, NSW, Australia F7373
6 Forbes / Morrison  1935North Sydney, NSW, Australia F6746
7 Garrity / Hartge  1931North Sydney, NSW, Australia F9002
8 Grubb / Shelley  1943North Sydney, NSW, Australia F6017
9 Hall / Forbes  30 Jun 1926North Sydney, NSW, Australia F6744
10 Hilder / Moore  1934North Sydney, NSW, Australia F8293
11 Hughes / Dove  1945North Sydney, NSW, Australia F9112
12 Kairl / Mackay  1932North Sydney, NSW, Australia F6473
13 Kembrey / Thompson  1937North Sydney, NSW, Australia F9840
14 Kentwell / Foy  1927North Sydney, NSW, Australia F3830
15 Lowrie / Manning  1937North Sydney, NSW, Australia F6249
16 MacConnell / McGrath  1944North Sydney, NSW, Australia F2695
17 May / McClure  1925North Sydney, NSW, Australia F8915
18 Moulds / Yager  1938North Sydney, NSW, Australia F6941
19 Palmer / Forbes  1938North Sydney, NSW, Australia F6745
20 Pawley / Fogarty  1927North Sydney, NSW, Australia F7074
21 Sheather / McBride  1931North Sydney, NSW, Australia F4650
22 Sheather / Nichols  1944North Sydney, NSW, Australia F2237
23 Shelley / Charters  1938North Sydney, NSW, Australia F6013
24 Wales / Gillespie  1929North Sydney, NSW, Australia F2600
25 Wilson / Corby  1942North Sydney, NSW, Australia F6752