AUSIGEN - Family History

Canberra, ACT, Australia



Latitude: -35.2809368, Longitude: 149.1300092


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Horrocks, Sarah Jane  1842Canberra, ACT, Australia I13691
2 James, Edward Louis  Canberra, ACT, Australia I15653
3 Webb, John  1873Canberra, ACT, Australia I13709
4 Webb, Kate  1870Canberra, ACT, Australia I13708


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alt, Enid Agnes Graham  28 Feb 2007Canberra, ACT, Australia I61
2 Alt, Joyce Mary  02 Sep 1996Canberra, ACT, Australia I961
3 Andrews, Charles Neville  25 Sep 1978Canberra, ACT, Australia I19200
4 Armour, Brian Maxwell  23 Mar 1997Canberra, ACT, Australia I2326
5 Armour, Ernest Stanley  05 Oct 1985Canberra, ACT, Australia I32344
6 Backhouse, Teresa Maude  20 Jan 1995Canberra, ACT, Australia I223
7 Brown, Reuben Kenneth George  23 Jan 1981Canberra, ACT, Australia I2094
8 Bulfone, Franz  03 Aug 2014Canberra, ACT, Australia I23799
9 Collett, Gordon Oswald Phillip  30 Sep 2009Canberra, ACT, Australia I5583
10 Collett, Sheila Ruth  10 Feb 1992Canberra, ACT, Australia I3624
11 Collett, Stanley Bean  29 Aug 1981Canberra, ACT, Australia I5629
12 Craig, Silvia  Canberra, ACT, Australia I804
13 Davis, Ella Evangeline Phyllis  08 Jan 1955Canberra, ACT, Australia I7019
14 Dominick, Peter  16 Sep 1985Canberra, ACT, Australia I8188
15 Hearne, Alfred Lloyd  Abt 1996Canberra, ACT, Australia I29858
16 Higgins, Bernice Joyce  01 May 2015Canberra, ACT, Australia I23776
17 Hillier, Edna Grace  17 Aug 2003Canberra, ACT, Australia I24208
18 Howell, Amy Eliza  Sep 2000Canberra, ACT, Australia I1272
19 Howell, Ella Maud  Sep 2000Canberra, ACT, Australia I1273
20 Hutchinson, Lilian Louise  09 Aug 1995Canberra, ACT, Australia I2334
21 Keating, Kathleen  31 Dec 1988Canberra, ACT, Australia I12581
22 Kinnane, Patrick Thomas  10 Mar 1999Canberra, ACT, Australia I8196
23 Loiterton, Stuart Frederick  16 Dec 1971Canberra, ACT, Australia I1887
24 Luck, Elsie Vera  19 Aug 1992Canberra, ACT, Australia I33311
25 McDonald, Georgina Eliza Sarah  1974Canberra, ACT, Australia I3623
26 McInnes, Annie Eliza  06 Oct 1942Canberra, ACT, Australia I13657
27 McInnes, Maria Janet  11 Aug 1958Canberra, ACT, Australia I13670
28 McInnes, Sarah Jane  04 Jan 1969Canberra, ACT, Australia I13669
29 McInnes, William Arnold  21 Nov 1953Canberra, ACT, Australia I42130
30 McNally, Bessie Edith  23 Feb 1980Canberra, ACT, Australia I2093
31 Murray, Eileen Clarice  1973Canberra, ACT, Australia I3656
32 Mutch, Fay  06 Dec 1992Canberra, ACT, Australia I5196
33 Naylor, Peter Gilbert  10 Aug 1965Canberra, ACT, Australia I13615
34 Osbourne, Ronald Harold  26 Nov 1995Canberra, ACT, Australia I955
35 Perceval, Wesley Thomas  06 Aug 1989Canberra, ACT, Australia I12575
36 Pettet, William Frank  25 Jul 1968Canberra, ACT, Australia I43802
37 Poll, Valerie Fay  14 Jan 1994Canberra, ACT, Australia I30521
38 Sheekey, Jean Bridget  19 Mar 1971Canberra, ACT, Australia I39
39 Thomas, Karen Jane  31 Oct 1969Canberra, ACT, Australia I31771
40 Wales, Bruce Kenneth  28 Aug 1983Canberra, ACT, Australia I16035
41 Wales, Desmona  22 May 1997Canberra, ACT, Australia I842
42 Webb, Kate  1870Canberra, ACT, Australia I13708
43 Wilson, John Reginald  10 Sep 2007Canberra, ACT, Australia I23775
44 Wray, Robyn Anne  14 Jan 1994Canberra, ACT, Australia I35071
45 Wright, Fredrick  21 Aug 2006Canberra, ACT, Australia I23263


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cremation    Person ID 
1 Stacy, Arthur Llewellyn  22 Jan 1997Canberra, ACT, Australia I21993
2 Williams, Bruce Gladstone  Canberra, ACT, Australia I5361


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Davis / Woodman  01 Oct 1890Canberra, ACT, Australia F2286
2 Gruber / Carroll  19 Apr 1941Canberra, ACT, Australia F912