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2951 this was his adopted name Saville, Paul Andrew (I26370)
2952 this was his birth name prior to adoption Saville, Paul Andrew (I26370)
2953 Thomas appears several times in the Picton Bench Books. Sometimes he is applying for a slaughtering licence; once to answer a charge of slaughtering an animal in an unlicenced place; and then as apprehended as a dangerous lunatic.

It is said that he went back to England for a trip, and to disguise the fact that he could not read, he wore glasses and said he couldn't see very well 
Harvey, Thomas (I504)
2954 Thomas Francis Dowding died August 14, 1921, aged forty-three years. Brother Dowding met with an accident at Cooranbong on November 10, 1920. While unloading a truck at the wharf, a pulley-block fell on his head, inflicting what proved to be fatal injuries. During the period intervening between the accident and his death, Brother Dowding spent most of the time at the Sydney Sanitarium where he had the best of attention and care, but notwithstanding all the medical attention and skill which were available to him at the institution, his injuries proved beyond the capability of man to heal. He leaves a widow and two little girls, as well as his aged parents at Arcadia, to mourn their loss. He was laid to rest in the Field of Mars cemetery, Sydney, to await the call of the Life-giver, in Whos care he now sleeps, the funeral ceremony being conducted by the writer. A. W. Anderson Dowding, Thomas Francis (I29215)
2955 Thomas is believed to have left Epping and moved to London about 1760 James, Thomas (I38834)
2956 Thomas is listed as owning one horse Family F396
2957 Thomas is shown as a landholder at Baulkham Hills with 90 acres, 26 acres cleared and 25 under cultivation and he had 3 horses and 19 cattle Family F3048
2958 Thomas Martin, Hannah and her brother John Mutch and his family boarded the Golconda on Saturday 26th June 1858 Martin, Thomas Robinson (I7937)
2959 Thomas Tipple Smith, his brother and two business men from Sydney built the blast furnace at the Fitzroy Iron Works at Mittagong Smith, Thomas Tipple (I943)
2960 Thomas was suffering from poor health in England and was advised to seek a warmer climate. He emigrated to Melbourne but was unable to settle into a congenial job there and so decided to join the Mutch family in the Cootamundra district. He had known Mrs Mutch's family at Cheshire in England. He worked for the Mutch family as an accountant and later married the daughter, Elizabeth. He was the founder of the company, T Williams & Co Williams, Thomas (I3034)
2961 to arrive in Sydney, NSW on 29 January 1853. The Master was Thomas C Stayner and the Surgeon was E W Polzion Tamar, The Barque (I29948)
2962 to Australia McMahon, John (I14521)
2963 to Australia as assisted immigrants aboard the ship Mail Family F4565
2964 to Australia. Cansdell, Frederick Edmond (I41729)
2965 to Canada. He landed at Quebec City on 1 July 1883. Keech, William John (I38032)
2966 to carry convicts to Australia. It arrived in Sydney on 24 December 1828 under the command of Master Robert Embledon. The Surgeon was William Grigor Royal George, The Ship (I21065)
2967 to convey convicts to Australia Royal George, The Ship (I21065)
2968 to convey convicts to Australia Royal George, The Ship (I21065)
2969 to go to Australia Duchess of Northumberland, The Ship (I42026)
2970 to New Zealand Fairhall, Martha Maida Florence (I17671)
2971 to New Zealand working as a ship's cook. Gravolin, William Joseph (I39132)
2972 to return to Port Jackson, NSW Supply, HMS (I21218)
2973 to return to Port Jackson, NSW Atlantic, The Ship (I23617)
2974 to sail to Norfolk Island Supply, HMS (I21218)
2975 to seven years transportation for stealing a greatcoat from the stables at Lord Grannard's London residence. He was sent by wagon from Newgate Prison on 12 August 1788 to the Ceres Hulk in Langstone Harbour. He was embarked on the Surprize on 30 November 1789 Brian, Anthony (I8019)
2976 to seven years transportation for stealing linen and other goods. Dean, Elizabeth (I8005)
2977 to Sydney, Australia Donnelly, Robert (I29110)
2978 together with his partner William Presnall, was "committed 13th September, 1876, by Thomas Barnard Esq. charged upon the oaths of John Hicks and others for feloniously stealing one cow calf of the value of thirty shillings the Goods and Chattels of Elizabeth Hicks - Simon Moulds charged upon the oath of John Bonnot and others for feloniously stealing one Heifer of the value of Seven pounds the Goods and Chattels of the said John Bonnott Moulds, Simon (I6611)
2979 Tom enlisted in the army for the first World War and saw service in France. He rose to the rank of Sergeant Martin, Thomas William (I34132)
2980 trained at Moore College and was ordaned in 1867. He was the first incumbant of Bowral and Wingecarribbee Parish Middleton, Reverend George (I18487)
2981 tried Alston, Jacob (I29358)
2982 tried and convicted Hook, Mary (I12350)
2983 tried and sentenced to transportation for the term of his natural life for sheep stealing Pound, James (I24071)
2984 tried and sentenced, at the age of 18, to life imprisonment at the Warwick Assizes for larceny in a dwelling house. He had two previous convictions Perks, Josiah George Swift (I681)
2985 tried at Norfolk Assizes for highway robbery, involving a sum of sixpence & halfpenny in copper money. He was sentenced to death but this was later changed to Transportation for Life Coble, William O'Neill (I40977)
2986 tried for house breaking and sentenced to 10 years Steward, William (I41381)
2987 tried for robbery, found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment Field, Thomas (I39013)
2988 tried for theft and sentenced to 7 years transportation Patfield, George (I12721)
2989 tried in Somerset Assizes for highway robbery with Robert Long, found guilty and setenced to transportation. Chard, James (I29333)
2990 tried, found guilty and sentenced to 7 years transportation Kelly, John (I13994)
2991 tried||for breaking into a house in Lea Petts, William (I25897)
2992 tried||for breaking into several different houses Heron, Isabella (I25898)
2993 under an apricot tree on "Springfield", the site of the grave has been lost Bensley, Henry (I18625)
2994 under Captain William Cumberland. There were 304 emigrants and passengers bound for Australia. They reached the Cape of Good Hope on 3 April 1839 and arrived in Sydney on 26 May 1839 Roxburgh Castle, The Barque (I23051)
2995 under her married name of Slade Butler, Eliza Mary Teresa (I6926)
2996 under the name of Elizabeth Evans Dean, Elizabeth (I8005)
2997 under the name of Emily Ryan Smails, Emily (I26559)
2998 under the ship's Master John Lamb and arrived in Sydney on 7 September 1815 Baring, The Ship (I23769)
2999 under the ship's Master, John Lamb and arrived in Sydney on 16 June 1819 Baring, The Ship (I23769)
3000 under the surname of Wright Dunn, Ann (I923)

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