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2851 sentenced to seven years transportation Morris, Elizabeth (I12962)
2852 sentenced to seven years transportation Dalton, John (I29353)
2853 sentenced to seven years transportation Chaplain, Samuel (I30451)
2854 sentenced to seven years transportation (for stealing two asses, the property of James Climance and William Hurst) Warby, John (I41828)
2855 sentenced to seven years transportation at Preston Quarter Sessions, Lancashire for stealing a silver watch. Ingle, Joseph (Otawal) (I9732)
2856 sentenced to seven years transportation at the 1824 Spring assises in Cork, Ireland. The Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier of 17th April 1824 reported her case under the heading "Convictions at the City Assizes" as follows:

To be transported for 7 years Ellen Hayes, for stealing
Several Banker's notes and wearing apparel

Ellen claimed she had been falsely accused by Michael Pearce, a "person of ill fame and bad character" and appealed to the General Governor of Ireland. The only result of the appeal appears to have been to be allowed to have her daughter Eliza accompany her when she left Cork for Sydney aboard the Mariner on Saturday, 12th March 1825 
Ellen (I13991)
2857 sentenced to seven years transportation for stealing one linen handkerchief valued at 10 pence. Kentwell, William (I12956)
2858 sentenced to Transportation for 14 years Bachelor, William (I44601)
2859 sentenced to transportation for seven years for having been a crewmember of a smuggler's boat attempting to help French prisoners of war to escape to France. Davis, George (I11378)
2860 Sergeant Albert Edwin Sykes (no. 3480) served with the 13th Battalion, Australian Army, A.I.F. and died at the age of 22 Sykes, Albert Edwin (I11502)

We deeply sympathise with Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Campbell in the serious illness of their son- in-law Mr. Donald Shaw at his residence at Bourke. Our readers will remember that the wedding of Mr. Shaw and Miss Issie Campbell took place only three or four months ago. On reaching Bourke, the bridegroom who for some months previously had not been well took to his bed, and though rallying at times had got weaker. Mr. Campbell left Bowral for Bourke yesterday, while Mrs. Campbell left a fortnight previously.
Since the foregoing was in type we received news yesterday evening that Mr. Shaw had passed away at 2.30pm. on 24th. July, 1896. 
Shaw, Donald (I20274)
2862 She appears in a Dunedin Directory at York Street in 1900 Loney, Sarah (I754)
2863 She arrived as a convict on the ship Minstrel. Murphy, Margaret (I9932)
2864 She came to Australia in 1809 with her parents. Her father, Robert Edward Cooper (circa 1759 - 15/11/1837), was in the 73rd Regiment of Foot. Cooper, Hannah (I17686)
2865 she died 6 months after her birth Collett, Jane (I41327)
2866 she died in child birth Hunt, Elizabeth (I41827)
2867 She is listed as Sarah in the 1841 Census Mote, Clara Ann (I39708)
2868 she is listed as the Housekeeper to Timothy Donohoe Armstrong, Catherine (I23064)
2869 She is shown as "on stores" with four of her children and one child "off stores". She is also listed as blind Davis, Ann (I6618)
2870 She is shown as 20 years old and living at 57 Fleet Rd, Hampstead, London, Middlesex, England Aspland, Susan Rebecca (I432)
2871 She is shown as Ellen in her marriage entry in the NSW BDM Index Garnett, Ellen (I15182)
2872 She is shown as employed by and living with Simon Moulds Davis, Ann (I6618)
2873 She is shown as living independant of Government Stores with 1 child. Batman, Maria (I11336)
2874 She married John Jeffery at Wellington Williams, Ann (I12971)
2875 She married Joseph Grimley after William Pawley Smails, Emily (I26559)
2876 She married Michael Ryan after Joseph Grimley Smails, Emily (I26559)
2877 She married Thomas Oxton at St Peter's, Liverpool, England Disbery, Elizabeth (I44129)
2878 She never married and lived at Prospect Hill Farm until she died I'Anson, Matilda (I31379)
2879 She never married and lived at Prospect Hill Farm until she died I'Anson, Emily Ann (I31384)
2880 She still lived at home and had all of her mental abilities Stennett, Violet Alice (I20402)
2881 She was a square-rigged, three masted ship of 549 tons and had three decks; a length of 127 ft. and a beam of 31 ft. 8 inches. Indefatigable, The Ship (I45497)
2882 she was adopted by Frederick Wood & Elizabeth Banwell Jackson, Thelma Ruby (I41985)
2883 She was in the RAAF and was located at 1 WAAAF Training Depot, Malvern until the time of her death in Melbourne Lawless, Wanda Elizabeth (I39074)
2884 she was late of Ryde and formerly of Toukley and Killara Rafferty, Doris Mary (I9290)
2885 She was later called Martha to avoid confusion with her mother, Margaret Johnson n?e Wall Johnson, Martha (I40637)
2886 she was listed as 23 years old when she arrived in Australia in 1835 Daly, Bridget (I13113)
2887 She was listed as a visitor at this address. The head of the household was Thomas Jones aged 40. His wife was Mary Ann aged 44. Three stepchildren, with the surname of Driver, were also living with Thomas Sucker, Sarah (I219)
2888 She was listed in the 1828 census as Rosella Dunn, Rose Maria Ellen (I927)
2889 she was originally buried in another Sydney cemetery but was moved to Rookwood at the request of her daughter Ann Clarke, Ann (I35740)
2890 she was sentenced to seven years transportation Armstrong, Catherine (I23064)
2891 She was shown as Amelia in the birth entries in the NSW BDM Index for most of her children. Collett, Lucy Amelia (I2469)
2892 she was travelling with her daughter Effie Jane at the time of her death Shelley, Jane Antoinette (I16483)
2893 shock after abdominal section for a strangulated umbilical hernia James, Emily Jane (I16220)
2894 shock and a fractured femur Dowsett, Thomas (I39356)
2895 shock and asphyxia Bradfield, Dr. Stanley George (I63)
2896 shortly after his son Herbert T Greedy, Herbert (I25915)
2897 shown as a labourer employed by S Mould at Castle Hill. Wooler, Samuel (I9875)
2898 shown as Ann J in marriage entry in the NSW BDM Index Bensley, Ann Julia (I18649)
2899 shown as Anna in the NSW BDM Index Moorby, Hannah Margaret (I6961)
2900 Shown as Clara A in her death entry in the NSW BDM Index. Horton, Clara Jane (I6592)

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