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2751 The inscription on the headstone reads - Irene Mary, died 25 Feb 1964 aged 64 years, wife and mother Mitchell, Irene Mary (I3326)
2752 The inscription on the headstone reads - Ivy Leveina, born 8 Feb 1903, died 23 Aug 1981. Pollard, Ivy Leveina (I1764)
2753 The inscription on the headstone reads - James CROSSLEY, died 3 Nov 1911 aged 62 years. Erected by wife, sons and daughter. Crossley, James (I874)
2754 The inscription on the headstone reads - James, died 25 July 1965 aged 76 years. Crossley, James William (I1741)
2755 The inscription on the headstone reads - Jane COX, died 9 July 1922 aged 75 years. Crossley, Jane (I873)
2756 The inscription on the headstone reads - Jeremiah Crossley MILLS, died 25 Feb 1958 aged 76 years. Husband of Matilda and father of Leslie and Joyce. Mills, Jeremiah Crossley (I1792)
2757 The inscription on the headstone reads - Jeremiah GOODGER, my husband and our father, died 23 Nov 1941 aged 63 years. Goodger, Jeremiah (I1706)
2758 The inscription on the headstone reads - John COX, died 13 Jan 1907 aged 62 years. Cox, John (I900)
2759 The inscription on the headstone reads - Lucy GOODGER, died 31 March 1908 aged 57 years. Crossley, Lucy (I875)
2760 The inscription on the headstone reads - Mary Amelia, died 1 April 1979 aged 90 years. Erected by George and Amy. Crossley, Mary Amelia (I1700)
2761 The inscription on the headstone reads - Mary Ann, died 8 July 1933 aged 83 years. Erected by S. and A. and M. Crossley. Cox, Mary Ann (I901)
2762 The inscription on the headstone reads - Norman Stanley, died 10 June 1967 aged 63 years. Crossley, Norman Stanley (I1747)
2763 The inscription on the headstone reads - Rita May SMITH (nee Crossley), died 26 July 1987 aged 74 years. Crossley, Rita May (I2225)
2764 The inscription on the headstone reads - Rubina, died 11 Dec 1976. Butt, Rubina Catherine (I4939)
2765 The inscription on the headstone reads - Sarah Ann, died 20 Feb 1944 aged 76 years. Martin, Sarah Ann (I16348)
2766 The inscription on the headstone reads - Teresa Ann, died 26 Oct 1947 aged 54 years. Crossley, Theresa Ann (I1743)
2767 The inscription on the headstone reads - Uriah, died 28 Sep 1916 aged 31 years. Erected by mother, sister and brothers. Crossley, Uriah (I1698)
2768 The inscription on the headstone reads - William MILLS, died 10 March 1936 aged 79 years; also Elizabeth E MILLS, died 1 April 1950 aged 86 years. Crossley, Elizabeth Ellen (I881)
2769 The inscription on the headstone reads - William MILLS, died 10 March 1936 aged 79 years; also Elizabeth E MILLS, died 1 April 1950 aged 86 years. Mills, William (I907)
2770 The inscription on the headstone reads:
Sacred to the memory of Simon Moulds who departed this life 17th of June, 1845, aged 67 yrs.
Farewell dear wife dear
Children adieu I leave this
World and part from you.
Hopen in heaven to meet
Around when Christ shall
Make the trumpet sound.
Also of Ann Moulds who died March 11, 1854 aged 80 yrs 
Moulds, Simon (I6611)
2771 the Kernot Memorial Medal, University of Melbourne Bradfield, John Job Crew (I11374)
2772 The Kyogle Examiner 1956. Pioneer Woman Had Full Life:
A nonogenarian who lived during the reign of six British monarchs and was the last surviving member of her own family died recently at the home of her daughter, Mrs. M. Powell, of Geneva. As a girl she bought butter for 4d a pound (choicest) and for 3d a pound (second class). She was Mrs. Mary Auliff, who was born at Broughton Vale, near Berry, on the south coast of N.S.W. on August 26, 1862, and died on July 26, aged 94. Mrs Auliff lived at South Kyogle with her late husband for 11 years until 1926. Daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. George Priddle, Mrs Auliff married when she was 17 the late Thomas Auliff at Wattamolla, where her parents then lived. As a girl of 12, Mrs. Auliff made the family bread and churned the butter. The milk was set in shallow tin dishes 3ft in diameter, and the cream was later skimmed. Her Father was a Waggonette, and the homestead was the meeting place for the settlement. All would move off in a party with the butter on pack horses, carts or waggonette. Provisions for the week would be bought home on the return journey. Fourpence per pound was paid for the choicest butter, and threepence for second class. Until the family moved to Beaumont, Mrs Auliff rode home each week to help her Mother. She was a good horse woman and being always ready to help, she often nursed sick neighbours. At Beaumont where they worked her Father's section, they purchased one of the firdt separators. it was horse operated. As well as clearing the land, her husband also helped to build the road over the Camberwarra Mountains. This is now a well known highway. In 1897, the family moved to the other side of the mountain and there they had a small dairy farm which the women worked while the men cleared the land. In 1907, Mrs. Auliff's husband purchased cattle and bought them by boat to Ballina. Because of the frequency of droughts on the south coast, the family had decided to move to the north coast, where they rented a property owned by her brother, Mr. George Priddle, Tintenbar. In 1915 they purchased a property at South Kyogle and remained there until the death of Mrs. Auliff's husband in 1926. Mrs. Auliff later built a cottage at Evans Head and resided there almost until the time of her death. In later years she spent some time with her daughters, Mrs. I. Parrish, of Avondale Ave, Lismore, and Mrs. M. Powell, of Geneva. Her eldest daughter, Elizabeth, died when she was 19. Her eldest son, Herbert, was killed in action in the first world war. Her other surviving children are Thomas, of Coffs Harbour, Margaret (Mrs. F Carey) of Melbourne, and Marjory (Mrs. M Powell) of Kyogle. Mrs. Auliff is also survived by 18 Grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild. The Rector of Kyogle, the Rev. H.W. Carr, conducted the funeral service in St. James Church of England. Mrs. Auliff was buried in the Anglican portion of Kyogle Cemetry. Pall-bearers at the church were a Son Thomas, a son-in-law, Mr. I. Parrish, and Messrs. G Sladen, A Parrish, T. Harris and M. Powell (grandsons). (See original clippings from the Kyogle Examiner in files also Northern star). 
Priddle, Mary (I18152)
2773 the last burial made in this cemetery Sheather, Edgar (I14082)
Coroner's Inquest
Mr Ranclaud, District Coroner, held an inquest yesterday afternoon at Scott's Albion Hotel, Watt Street, Newcastle, on the body of an elderly man named John Miller, a blacksmith, who had been found drowned in the harbour on the previous evening.
Henry Secker, second steward of the S.S. Koonawarra, lying at the A.A. Company's wharf, deposed that about 8 p.m. he had just left the vessel, and was passing through a wicket gate in a wall dividing the A.A. Co's property from the government staiths; saw an object, which he believed to be a man or a woman, move and run towards the water, in the dark, called out, "what are you doing there?"
then sang out to the schooner " Alert", laying near at hand that there was a man in the water, but got no reply; ran down to another vessel and shouted an alarm, but the men on the deckhouse shut the door; met the second officer of the Koonawarra and accompanied by him searched the place, but saw nothing in the water, and reported the matter to the police; heard a splash when the man ran towards the water, but seeing his body disappear, did not think it necessary to venture in as the night was extremely dark.
W. P. Constable Robert Barr deposed to having accompanied W.P. Constable Harrison to the spot, and to having discovered the body between the ketch Maggie and the wharf, on the other side of the gate from the place pointed out by previous witness; hailed the ketch; got a light and found the body in a stooping position face down, with the feet dragging on the botton as they dragged, when he pulled the corpse ashore; tried all means of resusitation before Dr. R. Harris arrived; searched the body at the dead-house and found two half-soverigns,1s 6d in silver, two coppers a pair of spectacles, and some papers by which deceased was subsequently recognised; it was low water at the time,and deceased had gone into the harbour about one or two paces.
John Peterson, landlord of the Market Wharf Hotel, identified the body as that of John Miller, whom he had known for many years; on the day of his death about noon he visited his hotel in great pain, and was shewn into a room to fix a truss which he wore, being perfectly sober at the time; conversed with him for a considerable time, and the pain returning again, shewed him into a room, where he remained a considerable time; deceased returned to the bar and had some schnappe, and about 4 p.m. seemed in much greater pain, and again went into the room, where witness attended him, and let him lay down until 7 p.m.; then called to know how long he was going to remain, as the room was engaged, and deceased rose, saying he would go home; witness having to attend a lodge meeting, told his groom to look after him; while in conversation deceased said he wanted a case of gin, paid for one; in his agony said he wished God Almighty would relieve him, but never alluded to anything about self destruction.
Dr. Richard Harris, Government medical officer, deposed to death having occurred from drowning; recognised the body as that of John Miller, of Darby Street, whom he was intimate with for many
years; did not think it possible he would have committed suicide; he had been suffering from a painful disease for many years.
The jury returned a verdict of accidental drowning. 
Miller, John (I692)
2775 the Leonard part of the name has not yet been verified Bowles, Alfred Leonard (I39913)
2776 The marriage certificate for Columbus Wales and Elizabeth Hutchinson shows that the consent of Sarah Hutchinson, being the mother of the bride, was given in writing to the marriage of Elizabeth & Columbus. The said Elizabeth Hutchinson being under the age of twenty one years, and her father's address being unknown and no guardian appointed by him Hutchinson, Elizabeth (I15800)
2777 The marriage certificate shows Adam's address as Kirton and Ann's address as Wigtoft.

Information provided by Mrs Lesley O'Sullivan, 24 Avocet Parade, Peregion, QLD 4573.. 
Family F504
2778 The marriage record in the NSW BDM Index says the surname is Perry - this may have been a mistake. Perry, Mary Matilda (I16271)
2779 The marriage was conducted by Anthony Dauvert and the witnesses were Thomas Randal and John Young (church clerk) Family F4073
2780 The marriage was conducted by R P Agnew and the witnesses were William and Peggy Pound Family F6690
2781 The marriage was conducted by the Reverand Richard Johnson Family F2471
2782 The marriage was performed by E Hargraves and the Witnesses were HJ Harrison and ME Black Family F2120
2783 The Methodist Minister was A E Putland and the Undertaker was John J Patterson. The witnesses were G Patterson and G Cartwright. Armstrong, Eliza (I195)
2784 the midwife was nurse Murray Taber, Margaret Betty (I15742)
2785 the Military Cross Harris, Colonel Geoffrey Hamlyn L (I16488)
2786 The Minister was Edward G Edwards and the witnesses were Sarah Pettifor of Dunedin and Henry Munyard, a printer of Dunedin Family F276
2787 the minister was J C Sumner and the witnesses were Henry Beckett and Bridget Lanery Family F3136
2788 The Minister was Rev. J Troughton. The tomb is a sandstone altar on a sandstone plinth and the headstone reads:

To the MEMORY of
who departed this Life April 19th 1839
Aged 87 years 
Bean, James Thomas John (I132)
2789 The Minister was Robert Penty and the witnesses were Charlotte Penty and Elsie Diehm Family F4553
2790 The Minister was the Reverand John McGarvie. The witnesses were George Phelps and Sarah Britton Family F430
2791 the minister was Thomas Donkin and the witnesses were Edwin George Crane and Catherine Brien Family F3133
2792 The Minister was Thomas O'Reilly and the witnesses were Robert Pont and Adelaide Piper Family F3354
2793 The Minister was W H H Yarrington and the witnesses were James Crossley and William Eager Family F407
2794 the name is shown as May in lieu of Mary in the NSW BDM Index Pound, Mary Eleanor (I24937)
2795 the name of Leck appears against the father's name in her death entry in the NSW BDM Index Leck, Augusta (I17036)
2796 The names in the NSW BDM Index are Alfred J G O'Sullivan and Mona E Kelly Family F709
2797 The Neptune was engaged by the Admiralty on 11th April 1839 at the rate of ?4.19.6 for a trip to New South Wales. The owners were Mangles & Co., and the Broker was Messrs Lachlan & Co Neptune, The Barque (I23692)
2798 The Neva was wrecked during the voyage to Australia and 138 female convicts were drowned. Six survivors later died Neva, The Ship (I40868)
2799 The NSW BDM Index has a date of 1907 Family F8925
2800 The NSW BDM Index has her name as May E Strudwicke while her birth record has Mary E. John's surname is shown as Boliard but perhaps this should be Bollard Family F8733

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